Dolls (1987)

Having loved Stuart Gordon’s Reanimator (1986) and From Beyond (1987), it took me a long time to view a movie that he made in between these two gorefests, called Dolls (1987). Although the Puppet Master […]


13 HRS

Reviewed By Ross Hughes [youtube][/youtube] Fans of Dog Soldiers will find much to like about this movie”…….. I have to be honest with you, I was very sceptical before watching this new British horror.  With a cast […]



Reviewed By Ross Hughes Plays more like Stir Of Echoes part 2, in that the typical J horror angle has been replaced by mystery and a whodunit! This film is a tricky one! I was not a […]



Reviewed By Ross Hughes And we come full circle! The unexpected success of all things Scream made the Slash genre all fashionable again in the late nineties.  Written by Halloween fan Kevin Williamson, the horror not […]


Angst (1983)

Angst is an extremely brutal but effective Belgian release that revolves around a 12 hour bloody rampage by a psychopath (a fantastic performance by Erwin Leder) who has just stepped out of jail. It has similarities technically […]


Tremors (1990)

Tremors is the greatest monster movie of the 1990’s as it works on so many levels. Firstly, the monsters are ugly, viscous and straight out of the 1950’s sci-fi’s. Secondly, the leads, Valentine (Kevin Bacon) […]