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AKA Siembamba UK Release Date – To be confirmed While a South African horror film might sound like a refreshing idea, it’s soon apparent here that the usual tropes are still going strong outside of […]



UK Release Date – TBC Quantum physics buzzwords may not sound like the most logical choice for a story that is part thriller, part mental breakdown and part romantic comedy, but here we are. As […]

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TERRIFIER (2017) Written and Directed by Damien Leone Two tipsy teenage women find themselves being stalked by a creepy man wearing a black and white clown outfit with matching ghastly white facepaint and tar-black teeth. […]


GOMORRAH Season Three Review

GOMORRAH (2017) The Complete Season Three Italian Language with English Subtitles With Pietro Savastano murdered, Gennaro Savastano is left to take over Secondigliano but has bigger problems to contend with in Naples and Rome where […]



VERONICA Directed by Paco Plaza Back when I was a teenager, in the pre-streaming days, me and my friends entertained ourselves with Ouija boards. We’d craft them out of paper, put fingers on the coin […]


SPENT (2017)

SPENT (2017) Written and Directed by Lisa Mikitarian Horror-comedy SPENT tells the sordid tale of mother-son duo Evelyn and Lonnie Schumacher as they gleefully await the death of miserly patriarch, Herbert. Longing for the goldmine […]



VIKING SIEGE (2017) Directed by Jack Burton A group of disgruntled women set their sights on slaughtering the local monks at the local club house but their plans are scuppered with the arrival of a […]