THE WORST SUPERHERO FILMS OF ALL TIME: A look at the worst figures to put on a spandex, a cape round their neck and those who wore their pants over their trousers to ever grace the big screen…..PART ONE!

With The Green Lantern receiving a massive thumbs down from critics and fans all over the world, Ross Hughes has listened to the whispers which claim its the worst Superhero film of all time and decided to seek out the truth.  Is it?  Or are there many more better titles out there that deserve such acclaim.  Its time to put down the comic books and remember the films that stank out the cinema and made the fans of these characters rage with venom….
And I start in no particular order, I mean these films I have seeked out are so bad that they make The Green Lantern seem a work of art.  Yes that Ryan Reynolds film may not be the best but lets be honest being a film fan can play havoc with your memory.  Is it really as bad has these lot coming up?  Well the only way to let me know is to leave a comment, but you find it hard to convince me otherwise, I mean is it worse than this?
undefined   CATWOMAN 
 I mean come on!  This is not really purrfect (poor pun!).  Catwoman sucks every single one of her nine lives and made me want to poke my eyes out with a kitchen knife.  Even the close up shots of her lovely arse is a stunt double and that of a man!  It says a lot about a film that fails to make even Halle Berry look unsexy even dressed like that, but seriously just by looking at her makes me laugh.  The plot itself is even more laughable with her arch nemesis being Sharon Stone who does not even carry an Ice Pick!  Its all about cosmetics and stuff, well something like that but if truth to be told its so dull that I just can not pay no attention to it.  I have watched it a few times just in hope that it gets better, but it just gets worse.  The effects are horrendous, the decision to make Halle move like a cat is a pretty laughable idea, you will no doubt pine for Michelle Phieffer throughout and you just know that its totally impossible for Anne Hathaway to be worse than this.  A Superhero film that firmly belongs in the litter tray!
undefined JUDGE DREDD  
Just look at the poster and it sums up everything you need to know what is wrong with this film.  First of all, Judge Dredd is an icon, a cop who never takes off his mask, and well look above!  Here you see Rocky in all his glory.  WHAT?  Yes the mug of Sly appears throughout the film, a decision that alienated the entire fan base even before the film was released.  Also having Deuce Bigalow as a sidekick did not help matters either in this huge flop that is totally disrespectful to the franchise brand it tries to honour.   “I am the law!” he cried, it was a shame no one was in the cinema to hear….

undefined  STEEL
Would you believe that this is a Superman spin off.  Steel starred Shaquille O’Neal as John Henry Irons and it totally ignored the concept set in stone in the comic book.  Where originally John, a weapons designer whose life was saved by the man of steel and had become disillusioned by the fact his weapons were falling into the wrong hands (a bit like Tony Stark, and decides to become a superhero after the death of  Superman at the hands of Doomsday.
Here there is no mention of that, just a real bad movie with Shaq probably delivering the worst perfromance ever in a Super hero adaption.  Even worse is the effects and also the suit.  It was supposed to be made of steel, but please come on, you can see it bending at times, even the Tin Man in the The Wizard Of Oz looked more believable than this.


undefined SUPER GIRL


The only saving grace for this box-office disaster is Helen Slater in the lead role.  Her cute and lovely pose in the infamous suit is the only thing worth watching in a film mirred with bad effects, lazy story-telling and some scenes that will have the viewer shaking their head in disbelief.  For instance when Linda Lee arrives on planet Earth by flying out from the bottom of a lake, which suggests to everone that Argo City where she lives, is situated at the bottom of the sea bed?????????????????????????????

Supergirl fails to entice in every way, think Richard Pryor was miscast in Superman III, well try the likes of Peter Cook and Faye Dunaway, who overact in such a horrible way that it really is a career low!  You have to feel sorry for the character who is badly treated here.  Superman had Nuclear Bombs and three bad guys from Krypton to fight, he turned back time for fecks sake……..what has Supergirl got to do?  Stop a Motor Crane from driving on its own.
Oh come on, please…… bad is this?  Its worse than Quest For Peace, a film that will be up soon on this list!








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  1. OK; re: Supergirl: Slater was excellent as Linda Lee and the Jerry Goldsmith score flew rings around Williams’ Superman.

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