BEING HUMAN: SEASON FOUR: Episode 4 “A Spectre Calls” Review

   BEING HUMAN SEASON 4: EPISODE 4 “A Spectre Calls”
Lets get the main highlight into this review before I start with the negative on this weeks review of Being Human Season 4.
Now last week I was totally blown away by what Sookie said to Eric after he decided to do a bit of midnight munching in of course the brilliant True Blood and I thought it was a line that could not be beaten, until of course I sat down and watched Being Human.  Here in this particular scene we have Hal and Tom pretending to be a gay couple because baby Eve is suffering from a temperature and a Doctor needs to be called.  Of course having a Doc is bad news, I mean what if he asks questions?  Which of course he did!  Now I am for all honestly but how could Tom say the words…
“Her Mum and Dad were Werewolves and she got conceived while they were turned, they are both now dead, one by the hands of a vicious gang of Vampires, the other because he convinced his body to change into a sort of half man/half werewolf so he could rescue his daughter who is going to be some kind of saviour to mankind.  Oh by the way, I am a Werewolf, he is a Vampire and those two who you can not see are ghosts but believe me….they are there!….now….where is the Calpol!?”
Instead of reaching for the medicine, we would have seen the Doc phone the local nut house so instead Tom and Hal having to pretend they are gay while Annie and newcomer Kirby ( James Lance)- who I will get to in a bit- looked on in panic.
A scene which typifies everything that is great in this season of Being Human, the comedy sparkles from the screen and what a pair Hal and Tom are becoming, I mean there is real chemistry between the two and while Tom panics in front of the Doc, Hal appears out of nowhere in which Tom asks “Where have you been?!” and Hal deadpan as ever utters the words “Upstairs! Taking a shit!”
Seriously I laughed until tears soaked by top and I am just loving Hal who steals every single scene and makes me ask the question -“Mitch who?”
Anyhow now that I have mentioned that great scene, onto the negative and I must say I did not quite like this weeks episode.  Kirby arrives from the ghost world to help the trio and the baby after convincing them he was sent by Nina.  Now nothing wrong with that, I mean the character was so irritable but brought the right level of attitude and dark side that he was a compulsive watch from start to finish.  My main gripe is that I just did not get the fact that our favourite trio would be taken in by him so easily.  He turns up, plays mind games and causes chaos but not one of them once suspects it could be his fault.  I mean they were getting on ok before he arrived and yet the way he easily rips them apart sat a tad too uncomfortable with me.
This was not the fault of Kirby himself, but I feel it would have been better if maybe he was introduced for a few episodes before we saw his plan.  Kirby was only on screen for like five minutes before we saw him planting doubts in the head of Tom and while I am at it, what was with Tom and the change of character.  This is a guy who has lost his father and kills Vamps for a living but the way he was sulking and screaming on his bed like a 5 year old was something that had me really questioning the character.  I mean after all the shit he has been through why the heck would be worried that he has never been given a birthday cake.
Kirby worked as a character when he showed his complete dark side.  The murder of the GP was a great scene and also when he showed his true intentions to the vunerable Annie and his speech of who he was before he died was brilliantly bleak and fair play on Lance who played the role well.  But the fact remains that the whole plot was too rushed for my liking and after getting the new trio of characters together over the past three weeks, it was not time yet to rip them apart so quickly.
There were some intriguing moments that hinted of a much bigger play for the future.  The power displayed by Annie was brilliant-often hinted at-but finally seen and showed that she is going to become more than just a ghost who serves tea.
The mysterious girl from the future was spotted on the TV, could she be Eve on a mission to kill herself?  I am intrigued to see where Tom’s relationship with Cutler will lead, while seeing Hal with a burnt mark on his arm which suggested to the fans that he could be the “nemesis” that is spoke about who will of course kill baby Eve?
So while it was not the best episode of Being Human, it still offered some tantalising aspects of the overall storyline and one I am really looking forward too in seeing carried out.  Just no more of rushed storylines please……..
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