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 PRAMFACE: Episode One

Pramface started this week, for you that do not know its on BBC THREE on Thurday Nights and while I realise this review is a week overdue, the reason for that is because I only caught the repeat tonight after forgetting it started.

So why the intrigue on my part?  Well after the end of Gavin and Stacey and also the quite wonderful The Inbetweeners, I am looking for a new comedy show to get my teeth into and I am really hoping that Pramface fills the gap.  What is the concept?  Well think of it as a british version of Knocked Up, starring the girl who played Vicky Fowler in EastEnders, yes guys the one with the fake American accent.  But before you stop reading, Pramface is not ghastly like it sounds.  In fact the first episode shows that maybe this could be the new thing on the box to watch.

Laura an 18-year-old A-leveller is grounded by her parents who just happen to be Anna Chancellor and Angus Deayton and who are also very dull, and she is told to stay in and miss a party she was looking forward to.  Her crime? For getting caught smoking dope and so she stays in her bedroom, getting drunk before falling from her bedroom window and somehow ending up at said party.  Now I know I mentioned her in EastEnders, but to be fair to the very pretty Scarlett Alice Johnson she derserves more than be remembered for that dodgy accent.  She is really good in the role of Laura and shows a never seen before comedy touch.

A very young looking Jamie (Sean Michael Verey) and his Stifler type friend  Mike (Dylan Edwards) are only 16 and are also at the party,  Jamie, naive and a virgin asks Laura if she is ok and soon they are having unprotected sex in which a few weeks later Laura finds out she is of course pregnant.  Yes its an old story told many times before but the appealing characters of Laura and Jamie makes the whole show have a nice appeal to it.

There are also a few gags that were worth a giggle.  Leaving her in bed after his conquest and running out of the door, Laura only as a phone number to tell him the news and when she dials and tells him she is pregnant the camera pans to a man in a car which contains his family.  Yes she dialled the wrong number and the look at the poor man’s face made me chuckle for a while.  We also get the uncomfortable moment in which after dialling the right number and arranging to meet with Jamie, Laura walks into the cafe and straight away ignores the child like image of the father and into the direction of the hot stud sitting on his own.  The realisation of who she had sex with and the age of him was a cringe moment and it brought this episode to an end but I honestly wanted  to watch the next one.

It may not have been a laugh out loud half hour experience, but thanks to a duo who I really liked, it showed loads of promise and the next few weeks will be an interesting ride…….a bit like Jamie had at the party!

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