Force Of Execution: Out Feb 3rd on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD

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Out on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD February 3rd

Running Time: 95 mins

Steven Seagal is back in another straight to video action thriller. This time he’s former CIA operative, turned mob boss Mr. Alexander. In this morally ambiguous story, his right hand man, Hurst (Bren Foster), is given a hit on a target in a prison. The informant on the inside gives him the wrong man, so Hurst is ‘retired’ from Mr. Alexander’s employ. Following a savage beating from the clients that were let down. Fast forwards 6 months and Hurst, living in a run down bedsit, courtesy of Mr. Alexander, is a drunk, barely able to use his hands, following his ‘retirement’. At the same time, shifty looking gangster Iceman (Ving Rhames), has just been released from prison, and intent on taking over Mr. Alexander’s business, and with this being a Seagal movie, we know they aren’t going to sit down for a polite discussion.


Although this is billed as yet another Steven Segal movie, he’s in more of a supporting role, with Bren Foster’s Hurst, being the main player in this underworld throw down. And does he throw down. A lot of the action takes place at close quarters, and it’s all the better for it. Foster really kicks ass, with some fantastic martial arts moves, which when you look at his previous roles, makes it seem even more impressive, but then again, Thor was in Home and Away, too. Although he takes a back seat, Seagal still gets in on the action, and although he looks a bit long in the tooth these days, he’d certainly give a few of the Expendables, a run for their money (please!). Hollywood’s manliest Mexican, Danny Trejo has a small role, despite being almost top of the bill, as another employee of Mr. Alexander, charged with looking after his bosses daughter, in the guise of a chef at a small restaurant she waits at. Although he does get a moment to shine, don’t go expecting Machete. This is probably Trejo’s most sedate appearance in an action film.


In spite of its seemingly meaningless title, Force of Execution is a surprisingly enjoyable action film, which certainly wouldn’t go amiss on a Saturday night with a few beers. It may be another film on the straight to DVD-Seagal production line, but it’s a very well shot and choreographed film. The story is an over the top excuse to start some fisticuffs, and like a lot of generic bad guys, Iceman’s base is a strip club, just in case the film wasn’t quite manly enough in the first place, and there is plenty of gratuitous violence, which is surprisingly graphic at times. There was one distraction that kept taking me out of the film, and that was how much Seagal looked like none other than lovable arse hole, Kenny Powers. At times it was just uncanny. One thing’s for sure though, keep your eye on Bren Foster, I think we have a new rising action star.

Extras include cast and crew interviews, and a trailer.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆


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