Written by Craig Daley
Illustrated by Chatri Ahpornsiri

After four deaths in as many days, paranormal consultant Punchline and MI6 operative Watkins prepare to catch the killer after the fifth victim has been killed. Vegetarians appear to be on the hitlist and Punchline is only willing to step in and stop the culprit before they can murder the sixth victim. With a killer at large, the only way to stay alive is to eat meat…

Rounding up the thrilling, grisly THE BUTCHER OF BANNER CROSS series is the third and final issue, SLICED AND DICED from CDComics. Once again illustrated by series’ Chatri Ahpornsiri, the black and white sketches bring to life such a dark and dangerous world, where monstrous killers are at large and a quirky former coma patient, who knows a lot about paranormal instances, only reacts after 5 people have been killed. Yes, this is not your normal Sheffield (at least I hope not!). Craig Daley completes his murder mystery in a satisfying way that readers will no doubt enjoy. I was pleased to find I noticed clues earlier on in the series that pointed to the killer and his victims, and thus the conclusion wasn’t as much as a suprise for me but I finally felt I’d become an intelligent part of the team with Watkins and Punchline by my side.

Compared to the other issues, Sliced and Diced is particularly focused upon action and conclusion, with Chatri Ahpornsiri illustratating some fantastic fight sequences. Craig Daley reveals the culprit and the method behind the madness, as well as an insight into the mysterious Punchline, which cleverly ties into one of CDComics’ other stories, Meadowhell.

As much as I love Craig Daley’s illustrations, it’s been great to see him collaborate with another artist in the shape of Chatri Ahpornsiri, and I hope this will not the be the last time these two work together, as Chatri’s noir style works well with Craig Daley’s murder inspired stories.

THE BUTCHER OF BANNER CROSS is a captivating series for horror and mystery fans, and definitely not for the feint hearted.

Chatri Ahpornsiri has produced excellent pen and ink work across all three issues of this narrative. For more of his artwork visit

The three parts are all available now on multiple download websites priced $1.99, £1.40 or local equivalent price.

The CDComics digital comics are available to purchase from:

Drive Thru Comics
Barnes & Noble USA

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