THE REQUEST – A Short Film by Todd Sheets

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Diected by Todd Sheets

Whilst running his usual night time radio show, ‘Magic’ Matt West is inundated with phone calls but there seems to be no-one on the other side… until eventually the caller decides to talk. Amidst the static noise, he hears someone ask to play “their song”, but who could it be? Someone from Matt’s past?

THE REQUEST is a short 10 minute film from director Todd Sheets, which focuses on one night with a radio DJ. Everything seems to be running smoothly, with people ringing in to request songs for their loved ones and with DJ Magic Matt (Brad Westmar) asking listeners to ring in with requests. However, he doesn’t bank on one mystery caller repeatedly calling him. With a voice beginning to emanate from the other side, Matt questions the callers identity, particularly when the voice sounds like his dead wife (played by Nicole Santorella).

The use of a single location, albeit with flashbacks elsewhere, ramps up the tension as well as the isolation, leaving the character of Mike exposed to whoever is behind the nuisance phone calls. The night time setting is also used to great effect to amplify the scares.

The short film keeps in line with Todd Sheets’ feature HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS and plays out as a mystery horror, whilst retaining a slightly tongue-in-cheek black comedy vibe. A nice shot of grisly internal organs will keep practical FX and gore fans happy and helps to bring a sense of classic horror menace to the proceedings.

The film itself is part of a short film anthology entitled Hi-8, made up from the works of eight directors from the USA. The actual version I’ve reviewed apparently differs slightly to the one featured in the anthology, but works really well as a standalone short film with just the right amount of mystery, shocks, wit and blood.

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  1. Thank you so much – for all your support and for helping those of us who do this out of love and passion. Hi-8 is an awesome anthology and was a fantastic opportunity for us all. The film directors were given a set of rules that we had to follow, mostly making sure that we stick to the “old school” micro-budget vibe, no fancy dolly shots, no crane shots, and we had to use older gear to make it….. It is awesome websites like yours that keep projects like this vital and alive. Thanks for being you and for all you do for real Horror fans and directors/producers everywhere!!!! You guys truly “get it” and understand what we are all doing out here!

    • I like the style of the film and I can see how much effort you put in. It also had its surprises that I was not expecting. A real entertaining short. Thanks for sharing it with us Todd and thanks for your kind words about HCF.

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