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What’s It All About?

Its time for another trip up the mountains where the inbred family which include Three Fingers await……this time a former Emmerdale actress is their target and a hotel where guests come and virtually get served for dinner……by the end though we all be wondering….when will this all end???

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The Hughes Verdict

And so we come to part 6………

For an idea that was basically a homage to The Hills Have Eyes, the Wrong Turn franchise has surpassed those very films in terms of sequels and judging by the continuous success, there are no signs of it faltering in terms of sales and fan base.

By now if you hated any of these films then there is no point even watching Wrong Turn 6 as it doesn’t offer anything new to the table or does it try to, instead offering another mix of sex, nudity and gore.  Obviously fans will lap up this next instalment even though the series is creaking and the formula is as tired as you expect, with bad acting and a stupid plot……also where this actually fits in the whole timeline of the franchise is anyone’s guess after part 4 sort of became a prequel//sequel and whatever.

The one added bonus I will give Last Resort is that unlike Bloodlines, this looks like it weren’t made up on a mere budget of under £100.  The film feels kind of polished and doesn’t lack the cheap effects that dogged Part 5, saying that, maybe it was because Frank H Woodward decided that what we needed was less gore and more plot and while this is probably the less bloodiest of them all and I admire the attempt, the storyline itself was tedious and at the end I was more sighing with sheer boredom than being blown away at what I guess was the “supposed to be huge twist”!.

Ironically Last Resort sort of riffs on one of the recent Texas Chainsaw films in which unknown family ties are bought to the fore.  In this case its Danny (Anthony Llott) who finds out a history he never had, in this case of a Hotel in the middle of nowhere, left to him by a family he never knew.  Like in most cheap horror films of this nature, he obviously can not go on his own to check out his new found inheritance and so brings along a bunch of friends who are only appear in the plot to end up being dead sooner or later.   One of the friends is non other than Roxanne Pallett who has gone from starring in Emmerdale to the likes of a Lake Placid sequel and now this……horror really does seem to be calling even though she has a horrid fake American accent.

 “You never saw her do this in the ‘Dales….what would Pollard say?”


On arrival, Danny and his girlfriend Toni (Aquella Zoll) are met with the workers of the hotel, Sally (Sadie Katz) and Jackson (Chris Jarvis) who may be brother and sister and who may like a bit of loving between them.  Toni is immediately suspicious of the pair and she has good reason, because hiding the shadows are the inbred regulars One Eye (Asen Asenov) and Three Finger (Rhys Coiro),who Sally and Jackson are more than related too.  But is Danny?  And when the killings start and chaos emerge,what side will Danny be on? His friends or his new family?

That is all we have of Plot and while like I said, I admire the new stance of giving a sixth film a bit of family issues and some added weight, but Wrong Turn is popular because of the gory kills and over the top set-pieces.  Sadly I can see some die hard fans be put off by the lack of imagination and the less blood being splattered across the screen.  Not saying that there are not many kills here because they are, but apart from a “death by water up the anus”, which is bonkers scene, the rest are just tedious and boring and you instantly forget all of them long after the credits roll,

The characters itself offer no sympathy, with bad acting and stupid decisions, and sorry Sadie Katz but your Sally is one of the most irritating and downright  ridiculous character I have seen in horror for a long time.  Her screeching and overacting kills any drama the film musters and when she starts playing the mental card (her solo masturbating scene in particular) you realise just at what level this Part 6 is aiming at.

Its quite easy for me to knock this but believe me, it doesn’t get to the depth of Leprechaun Origins, but I will say Wrong Turn 6 is probably the worst of the franchise. For some reason it doesn’t feel fun at all.   I love horror otherwise I would not be writing for HorrorCultFilms, and I know that on each return of a franchise, the quality dims……but you have to say that the Wrong Turn franchise has always been fun.  In some ways, the very first sequel was probably better than the original film and each and every one since has had a bit of tongue and cheek and memorable moments. By moving away the fun aspect and trying to get serious, this sort of loses its very essence and becomes nothing more than a grind to the system and for fans……that is just not fun at all……

Lets see if Wrong Turn 7 can bring back the balance……because believe me, there will be another trip to this damn woods…..

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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