“Hello Emma”: Scream TV: Episode 2! Hughesy watches on as the killings continue….and wondering..”What would Ghostface say!”



SCREAM: THE TV SHOW!  Episode 2   “Hello Emma!”



OK!, So I am trying, to love this TV show but at the moment its leaving me quite cold!

The major problem is that its still coming across like a remake of the original film and for me, I am finding it that I am watching imposters in characters who are inferior to those we all loved deeply.  Like Noah said last week (who is all but the new Randy in name), for a TV slasher show to work, we must care for this characters but two episodes in, I still don’t care who lives or dies.

Also I hope that this new format of a slasher series that I love does not come too formulaic.  For example, we started the pilot with a killing and now we started the second episode the same, it be interesting to see what happens next week and I hope it changes tact, because I want my slasher watch to be unexpected, to be suddenly shocked when someone gets stabbed or hung.  Please lets not have one killing at the beginning of each episode and the remaining 35 minutes is teenagers going around in circles, while the writers make them all suspects.

Episode 2 was a lot less weaker than the pilot!  There were a couple of gems in terms of dialogue, that even Kevin Williamson would have been proud of, but I was not intrigued enough this week with the continuation, I needed something to get my juices flowing and sadly “Hello Emma!” failed in that part!  But saying that, it still done a little bit of enough for me to be curious of who the killer is behind this new version of Ghostface.

Poor Rachel bit the bullet this week in what can only be described as a “quickie!”. She received a phone call from someone who sounded like her girlfriend Audrey, which we the viewer knew it was Ghostface and before we could sit down and get comfortable and enjoy his rampant thirst for murder, she was swinging from the balcony and the credits rolled!

Now this part got me thinking!  That caller sounded like Audrey, so does this mean the killer is using the same phone voice changer as Roman used in Scream 3????

This week we finally got to see the new Sidney Prescott!  I was debating last week if it was going to be Emma or Audrey, but it seems Emma is now in that role, especially with the final 10 minutes of that phone call with the killer.

Despite the shit voice which I hate the most out of this adaptation, this moment had what I would call the closest feeling we have had yet of it being an actual Scream.  It seems our Ghostface knows everything it is to know about the history of the town and of Emma.  A hint of secrets to come was rolled from his/her tongue and I did love his/her “Whore of a Mother!” line which bought me back to 1996 and remembering Billy and Stu in all their glory.

So what of those secrets?  Well being as her Mum Maggie was “Daisy” and her link to the mass killer (“not serial as it all happened in one night- Noah”) Brandon James, are we about to see some “Daddy issues?  But then why did Ghostface mention “all her friends are two-faced!”.  There is obviously something bigger at play here, but what?

Now we have established who the new Sidney is, we had our first look at the new Gale Weathers in the shape of Piper Shay who sadly only appeared briefly for the viewer to pass any judgement.  I expect her to come into fruition in next week’s episode and maybe one scene of Emma slapping her for some reason just to homage the moments from the films.

The moments that made me smile and showed that there is potential in this, mostly centred around Noah and his dialogue.  I loved his “Terminator” theory and when he said “You like a Ninja!” to Riley made me chuckle even though for a girl who has never seen a T-100  in action and not so much in the “know” of Pop Culture….her knowledge of Game Of Thrones made me put a little question mark around her character.

At the moment I still feel there has to be two killers running amok.  The scene where Emma is confronted in the alley and bumps into Will and she saw that someone had sent a message from her phone only fulfils my suspicions.  I don’t think its Will or Jake, simply because they coming across as the original killers and its all to obvious at the moment.

So far for me personally, I am looking outside the box, simply using the logic that its the last person you expect.  I have the teacher who lets his students talk about the killings and also Sheriff Hudson who is in charge of the murder case……I got no reasons why or motive, but just using my Scream experience and thinking of those who are around but not doing much.

Two episodes in and this Scream is not exactly leaving me cold but then its not setting my horror love on fire.  I remember Harper’s Island grabbing me by now and I was actually caring for those going to that wedding.  Apart from Emma, Audrey and Noah……the rest of the characters in Scream TV are simply forgettable and by the end of next week, we should be getting the feel and pattern of the storyline….

So far, this Ghostface is a pale imitator to the icon we love…….maybe the twist coming is that the real Ghostface will turn up from Woodsboro pissed off that someone has stolen his design…..

I await with dwindling interest…………..




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