SCREAM TV: Ep 3 “Wanna Play A Game?!” The murders continue as Ghostface improves impressively!



“Episode 3: Wanna Play a Game?”






Its taken two very dodgy episodes of this new look Scream format, but perhaps finally I have something that not only I can praise about, but also shout “Ghostface is back baby!!!!!!!!!!!”……..

Scream Episode 3 is what us die hard fans wanted.  Something that made us feel like we were watching the old killer in action and oh boy!, the murderous masked fiend did not disappoint us this week.

In my last review I mentioned that so far all the killings were taking place right at the start of the episode arc, something that I hope did not continue as I wanted the slasher angle to be surprising and not expected.  This week the show surprised me as at first we had two slaying’s right at the beginning, only for it to be a flashback to events that may or may not be linked to the present crimes.  I have to admit and say I was fooled by this, because I did sigh at first and think “here we go again”, but the expectations played on my memory and this is what I want from a SCREAM show, to be toyed and surprised!

This episode’s killing occurred in in the last fifteen minutes and for the first time since it began, I generally cared and was emotionally attached to the poor victim.  I don’t think any viewer expected poor Riley to go so soon and the way she went was pure class from start to the bitter end.  Noah said in the very pilot episode that for a slash TV Programme to work, we the viewer had to generally care for the characters and I generally did by the time this latest episode ended.

Also what I loved is that all bets are off now.  I mentioned last week that Riley was in my suspicion list, simply because of her knowledge of Game Of Thrones, so to see her demise this week proves that anyone apart from Emma-who really is the new Sidney) can die.

And what a way to go!

To nearly having sex with Noah, before running to the police station after a text from Tyler, her death was similar to that of Maureen from the beginning of Scream 2 in that she was left to bleed to death with Ghostface failing to deliver the final killer death blow.  I also loved how she was running from this fiend and Ghostface gently brushed the knife against the railings, that moment in particular had my slash juices flowing and made me really think that I was watching a proper Scream event!

I can safely say that Noah is not the killer or part of the killers, so as Riley bled out on top of the Police Station while Noah watched on thanks to Face/Time on their phones, I was quite choked.  It was a tantalising set-piece that proves that now its finding its feet, Scream TV may be getting ready to run.

Riley’s death was partly the fault of Emma who had to chose between her and Brooke.  Having told Ghostface that she was not going to play his games any more, the killer responded by stating that he would play with her friends instead and gave her a choice to save either the nice girl Riley or the slutty Brooke.  With Riley being at the police station, you can see why Emma picked to save Brooke as she thought Riley would be safe, but either bad script writing or just bad timing, the station was one of the most quietest places with no officer in sight!  Extra kudos to the writers though for saving the one character that no viewer likes and killing off the one we all do!

That scene adds further weight that we are dealing with two killers once more as how could Ghostface be at two places at once?

Further developments…… Emma confronted her mother about her past but “Daisy” oddly did not give her daughter the answers she needs, what is she hiding?  Also Will and Jake continued their quest to convince us that they could well be the new Billy and Stu but I guess most fans like myself know for fact that all this is just a red herring.  Their new plot vice about “missing money” does not grasp me like it should, but I give it until next episode and see how it fits into the murders and general plot!

“Wanna Play a Game?” was the shows best episode and to be fair, that is the way it should be. After a disappointing start to Scream, I am finally now getting to know these characters and its building quite nicely an intrigue of mystery and suspense.  Killing off a character of Riley so soon harks back to the days of Harpers Island and you get the sense now that this is following the same enjoyable path.  There are still major flaws present, but if the writers continue to surprise me with shock deaths and a brilliant Ghostface running amok, then I am on-board, because episode 3 has done something that not even Scream 3 could do (I guessed the killer and motive after 20 minutes) and that is being lost in the killings with no idea, who? what? or why?

That reason alone is making Scream TV’s next episode a desperate watch……..

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