SCREAM TV: Ep 4 “Aftermath!” An Episode that focuses more on the mystery than on Ghostface!



SCREAM Season 1: Episode 4




Huge naughty shout towards me as I’ve been on a Mini break and so I am two weeks behind the all new  Scream TV Show.  So lets have two quick reviews and I start with Episode 4, which followed on from the downright brilliant climax of Episode 3.

I really hope that Scream TV has not reached its peak already thanks to the killing of Riley which even now still shocks to the core.  While it seemed that this show had now found its pace and had its now very proud “Ghostface” for the fans to marvel at, strangely the writers decide to change tack and give us an episode without the masked fiend.

How you appreciate this approach is how much you like and are invested in the characters because lets be honest, the majority of viewers are watching this for the slash element and not for 40 minutes of a show trying to become something like a “Pretty Little Liars” wannabe!

Its clear that the writers have extreme confidence in the story they telling by giving us an episode which only concentrates on the mystery and not any killings.  In some ways it makes sense because the murder of Riley was so powerful and brilliant that we all need a bit of time to calm down and regain our focus.

Cleverly though we the viewer began to understand why Riley was killed off and not Brooke and it was simply because the character we all love to hate, does have a better story to tell.  Since the start, Brooke has been shown to be a self obsessed kind of bitch who loves having sex with her teacher, but this episode she showed some depth that we had never seen before.  She genuinely was devastated over the murder of Riley and if this is the start of some soul searching for her character then its a more welcome one.  I believe she is not the killer and will meet “Ghostface” in a future episode but not for a long time yet, especially now that her father all off a sudden has been thrust into the limelight with an odd blackmail plot.   Its clear that Will and Jake are behind this for reasons not yet known, unless the writers are drafting up another sub-plot, but with only a ten episode run, I hope not because I want the plot to start thrusting into action now as we hit the half way mark.

I hate the lack of any killings because, hey! I am watching Scream, but at least the big story arc had some movement and once again it was Emma, Audrey and Noah to thank for that.  Their investigation ended up in an abandoned hospital where the trio stumbled onto the killers “Lair”.  My slight theory of maybe Tyler being still alive proved totally wrong with Tyler’s severed head popping out from under a mask, a jump scene that would have had Wes Craven proud.

Ghostface failed to turn up but still caused mayhem as Audrey and Noah, having found Nina’s laptop and mucking about with it, somehow uploaded a video of Emma and Will having sex for everyone to see.  So we have a Ghostface who is not only a killer, but an IT expert as well.

That’s it really.  Even if I did not go on my hol’s and had to write up some quick reviews, this one would have been short anyway.  Its was an episode where not much really happened, we had one minor mystery explained, which was “The heart” that was sent to Emma’s Mum in Episode 1.

I got no idea from this 40 minutes who is behind the killings or what the motive is.  Maybe that is a good thing as the show is still keeping its mystery in check, but lets hope that next week’s episode has Ghostface back in the fore and at least one person gets its wrath, because while last week”s was more of the Scream we expected and wanted, this week was an episode where we it felt nothing like Scream and for this massive fan of that universe, it was quite surreal and wrong!…..

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