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Directed by Stephen S. Campanelli

Mysterious, skilled bank robber Alex finds herself going underground after her face is exposed during a diamond heist robbery at a bank. However, the police investigation into the bank heist is the least of her problems when the Senator’s henchmen, led by ruthless Mr Washington, hunts down and kills her partner in crime, Kevin Fuller. Realising they want a flash drive that was stolen along with the diamonds, Alex goes on the run to ensure whatever precious secrets are contained on the drive do not fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately for Alex, Washington won’t stop until he gets what he desires.

Non-stop, action-packed thriller MOMENTUM is a captivating thrill-ride from the get-go with an intense bank robbery scene opening the film that doesn’t shy away from brutal realism of the greed and ruthlessness of criminals. However, this set of thieves turn out to be anti-heroes when they come up against the corrupt Senator’s henchmen who’ll do anything to get their hands on a precious flash drive containg data the Senator doesn’t want the world to see.

Former Bond girl, Olga Kurylenko, stars as lead thief Alex, an enigma of a woman yet one who’s clearly been military trained and is sharp as a knife when it comes to executing plans. She’s clearly not a woman to mess with, not that James Purefoy’s Mr Washington minds for he has trained goons to do his dirty work for him such as torturing victims into giving vital information. Th choice of Kurylenko, who reminds me a lot of Sophie Marceau (who starred as the French princess in Braveheart), is an inspired one as she slips into the all-action female lead with such slickness and ease. Purefoy’s baddie can be a little stereotypical and caricaturish at times with his witty one liners and typical “English baddie” accent, but offers such a menacing antagonist as Washington with a vicious streak that he truly is a character that you both fear and hate with a passion. These two strong leads bounce off each other well in this game of cat and mouse with such a ferocious, powerful energy fuelling both.

You don’t find many female led action films of this ilk. I wouldn’t count The Hunger Games in this particular genre, but I’d definitely say Haywire starring Gina Carano was probably the last time I saw a woman kicking arse in the same league as Olga in MOMENTUM. What I enjoyed about this film is that it rarely comes up for air and manages to execute its shots wonderfully even if there’s a debatable car chase scene that looks as though it’s been edited to play in reverse.

For fans of movies with a bit of grit, balls and Morgan Freeman (he has a minor role as the Senator), MOMENTUM has a lot to offer for both men and women alike with a bit of eye candy for both sexes to boot. Settle down with a bag of popcorn like I did, crack open a beer and you’ll have plenty of fun with this energetic, fierce actioner.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

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  1. This was another of last year’s films that I didn’t get around to seeing, and just wanted to get my list done and dusted so it’s not on it. This film seemed to be barely released and reviews seemed poor. But it looked like a decent action flick [and it’s got Olga!!!] and it’s nice to read a review of if that’s quite positive.

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