Highest Rated Horror Films of the New Millennium

The highest rated horror films of the new millennium have really demonstrated that the highly divisive horror genre is still very viable. The twenty-first century is not even twenty years old yet, and people can already enjoy a lot of fantastic horror movies by this point in time. Some of these titles are as old as the Vegas Palms Casino, which has been around since 2001. Movies that are less than twenty years old are largely still regarded as modern. However, in the modern world, nearly everything seems to have more staying power, whether it’s a website like vegaspalmscasino.com or a movie that people can easily research online. Both the highest rated horror films of the new millennium and websites like the Vegas Palms Casino website should get discovered by the members of Generation Z who are still too young for gaming and for movies that are as scary as these.


The Ring

The original version of this film and the 2002 remake have both managed to scare people for more than a decade. The way that the plot of the film gradually unfolds tends to build the suspense, and a lot of the disturbing imagery tends to linger in people’s minds long after the film is completed. While people might scoff at the concept of a haunted VHS tape today, the idea of something like that being uploaded to a video sharing site in the modern world might be enough to silence them.


The Others

Like The Ring, this is a ghost story. It’s also one of the most gripping ghost stories of the modern age. It works as both a horror film and a period piece, and it manages to combine psychological and existential horror with some of the jump scares that will work in the moment. This is a movie that truly gets people thinking beyond the moment.

28 days #4

28 Days Later

Many of the popular zombie movies released in more recent years are survivalist action stories rather than horror stories. People who want to see a zombie movie that is truly terrifying should try 28 Days Later. While this movie might ignite a ‘fast zombie versus slow zombie debate’ among more recent zombie fans, but this is a film that truly demonstrates the horror potential of zombies.

Let The Right One In 2

Let the Right One In

Even the title of this movie is haunting. This film is an excellent mood piece that effectively explores the existential horror of being a murderous vampire’s assistant. The fact that this horror is juxtaposed with the more commonplace horror of childhood bullying only makes it more effective. The film balances horror that works on a visceral and emotional level.


The Witch

This very recent 2015 film manages to work well as an historical period piece in addition to an atmospheric horror film. While some people might find that the presence of real witches in an historical Puritan society has problematic implications, even they will probably agree that the film itself was skillfully done enough to earn a place among the highest rated horror films of the new millennium.

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