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In a world oversaturated with superheroes and comic book adaptations, comes the hero we never knew we needed. Slacker Clark, unwittingly eats a bowl of nuclear spaghetti, following a malfunctioning microwave incident, the aftermath of which, gives him incredible, spaghetti based powers. Deciding to use his powers for good (as long as there’s a reward in it for him), Clark takes on the mantle of Spaghettiman, stopping crimes as they happen, as long as you’ve got enough money on you to pay him for it. And of course, no superhero would be complete without a costume. But what do you do when you don’t have the billions like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark? A paper bag with a couple of holes in it will do the trick!


The fight choreography is something to behold, really poking fun at the way superheroes are suddenly able to stylishly kick arse when they get their super power. The final fight in the film is something to behold, and should go down as one of the greatest superhero dust ups in film history. It might be low budget, but the high quality cinematography and great practical effects, give the film a great look. The cast all turn out a great performance, really embracing and bouncing off the witty script, with the lead particularly coming across as a shabby looking Paul Rudd or David Cross. The self aware format really lends itself to acting talent on display, with everyone involved seemingly having a great time in what they’re doing, and the comic moments are never mis-timed. Nothing out stays its welcome, and if anything, it’ll leave you wanting more. The grottier side of LA is as much a character as anyone else, with some filthy looking streets that add extra depth to the city, showing another side to lala land.

Unlike most contemporary spoofs, Spaghettiman is genuinely great. This slacker comedy is pretty much timeless, with the only pop culture joke being superhero films themselves. Much like Scream, and Gremlins 2, it’s a film that challenges and has fun with the unwritten rules of genres, without being condescending. Spaghettiman is the hero we need and the hero we deserve. It’s Friday night, beer movie gold and needs to be seen. Whether you love or hate superhero movies, there’ll be something for everyone with Spaghettiman.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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