MUCK (2015)

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MUCK (2015)
Written and Directed by Steve Wolsh
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A group of young men and women, one of whom is badly injured, take refuge in an empty property whilst planning what to do next. Uninjured Noah decides to find help leaving the remaining few at the house where they realise their night of hell is far from over…

Steve Wolsh’s horror MUCK takes an interesting path by opening after traumatic events which have left the group two men down. Heavily bleeding with a wound which will no doubt need urgent attention, Billy, friend Noah and their scantily clad lady friends are fleeing something but we’re never really told what. All we know is that they’re keen to escape whatever evil they’ve come across but before long they’ll run into something much worse.

A weak script, cringeworthy jokes, fast cuts and an abundance of ass and titty shots plague MUCK. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “What’s so bad about having assets on display?”. Well, whilst the cast of Muck are no doubt attractive young men and women, their characters have absolutely no depth whatsoever and their presence in the film seem to be nothing more than to provide titillation. Women taking their tops off at every opportunity, exposing their breasts, close-up shots of cleavage and women running around the marsh in nothing but underwear and boots… it’s all a bit immature and something which a teenager or sex-starved individual might get off on but as a film viewer, all I wanted to do was switch off. The plot is incoherent right from the very beginning as I sat scratching my head as to what exactly was meant to have happened prior to the opening of the film. The subsequent events which unfold are no better either as we see the group being stalked by a tribe of muscular albinos wielding pitch forks and other farming implements. It’s all a bit tedious as the viewer is seemingly meant to fear these killers as much as the characters do, even if plenty of black humoured jokes are inserted for laughs, but the film is about as exciting as the character of empty-headed Noah who’s main goal appears to be to change his shirt at the local bar instead of rushing back to help his friends in need.

What else is there to say about MUCK? Well, from a horror “blood and guts” perspective, there’s a few moments worth noting, my favourite being a scene which involves a bloodied, naked chick being thrown through a living room window. The slo-mo scene is probably the stand-out moment of the film with everything else being such a lacklustre effort. Other than this, there’s a few impalings with pitchforks and the like which provide some killer kicks but they’re not nearly as gory as the scenes of bloodthirsty horror we’re so accustomed to nowadays. This is a real shame as I was expecting so much more and given the premium look and feel of the film, which appears to be a cut above your average indie movie, I had hoped for some real bloodshed to appeal to the slasher fans out there. Even an appearance from horror legend Kane Hodder fails to have an impact with many of the scenes rushed and edited in such a fashion that it’s hard to see what’s going on.

There’s plenty of budget horrors out there that will terrify you to the core or at least give you the blood feast you desire. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆



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