RUPTURE (2016)

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RUPTURE (2016)
Directed by Steven Shainberg

After dropping her son off at his dad’s for the weekend, single mum Renee is kidnapped when a driver stops to help her fix her car’s flat tyre. Gagged and cuffed, Renee is taken to an undisclosed location where she discovers other people there also held against their will. Renee must figure our what her captors want her for and what their plans for her are and to to do whatever she can to escape and be reunited with her son.

Sci-Fi thriller RUPTURE sees the awesome Noomi Rapace thrust once again into a role which sees her fighting for her life, this time against a secret organisation who have specific plans for her. However, she’s not alone and she must use her instinct to work out whether those around her, seemingly in a similar position, are telling the truth or just a bigger part of the puzzle she finds herself in.

Having avoided reading anything about this film before watching it, I was pleasantly surprised in the direction it went in. Noomi convinces as a divorced mum of one who’s break up with her ex-husband wasn’t exactly the most pleasant. The arguing former-spouses seemingly put a strain on their young son who appears to be stuck in the middle. When we discover that Noomi is being watched, I presumed the ex had something to do with, mainly wanting custody of the kid or something, but it would turn out that her captors’ plans are much bigger than anyone could imagine.

Starring some amazing talent in the form of Lesley Manville and Peter Stormare, RUPTURE has so much promise and the first three quarters of the movie really build up to an exciting cat and mouse chase between the captors and Renee (Noomi Rapace), the latter of whom is more clued up than your average mum in these sorts of films. However, the main idea behind the film fails to make a desired impact and thus the conclusion of the movie falls into the laughable territory as it hints about what the future will become long after the events in the movie. The questionable visuals towards the end could be seen as freeing from one’s restrained look on the world but to me it ends up ruining an interesting premise, especially trying to juggle mystery and sci-fi premise along with the action scenes.

In some ways, this film is a little pretentious but if you overlook this fact, there’s quite an enjoyable film here with the scenes of Renee attempting to escape the facility providing much of the adrenaline-rush. We’re as clueless as she is and all we want is for to escape the Hostel-like scenario and fortunately she seems a bit more adept at doing so than the guys in Bratislava. Outside of these action scenes, the mysterious motive of the captors will keep you engaged and fearful but ultimately it fizzles out towards the end.

An entertaining watch for the most part, RUPTURE works brilliantly as a thriller but fails to convince with its sci-fi ambition.

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

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