Watching Horror Movies Taught Me These Life Lessons

Sometimes, you don’t need to attend camping classes or other survival training lessons to be able to make it through difficult situations. I have seen enough horror movies in my lifetime to survive anything from a zombie apocalypse to a cannibal holocaust.

But don’t get me wrong, I have also learned more colourful things from films too. For example, some movies can teach how to play casino games. I like to think I am a formidable poker player. Something I learned from watching Casino Royale over 20 times.

But because security is always a top priority, this piece is going to be recounting 4 survival strategies that will keep you alive in dangerous scenarios. I shall be using movie references so it’s going to be fun. Here we go:

  1. Don’t break away from the group

Have you noticed how people in horror movies, who stray away from the main party, usually meet their untimely death? If there is a lesson you should always remember, it is “Stick to your group like glue.” In the 90s slasher movie, Scream, Tatum Riley leaves the gang to look for beer in the garage, but we all know how that turned out. And it was gory too. Don’t be like Tatum, endure your beer thirst, or go fetch it as a group.

  1. Don’t go and investigate

We all like to be the hero, who doesn’t? It comes with a lifetime of bragging rights and respect from your peers. But there are times to let go. Not every situation should be contested. For example, you are camping in the woods at night and you hear an agonised cry in the distance, don’t go and investigate. Rather, zip you tent shut and pull the blanky over your head. Many people have never made it back, who went to see what the fuss was about. You have been warned.

  1. Stay away from secluded houses at night

You have been driving all day and it is getting dark. Suddenly, you happen upon a suspicious-looking house in a secluded part of the woods. Do you A: Stop and seek accommodation in the strange house or B: Drive off and put as much distance between your brake-lights and the house? If your answer was A, I have bad news for you. Borrow a page from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, avoid secluded houses at night.

Bonus point: Don’t pick up any traumatised hitchhikers either.

  1. Avoid hitch-hiking in strange places (especially at night)

As an extension of the last point, hiking in strange places can be an unsuspecting trekker’s downfall. While it is not a bad idea to indulge in the occasional hike, it hasn’t turned out well for many people in movies. Remember Annie in Friday the 13th? Well poor her. On certain days, I would rather stay indoors and earn some money playing at an online casino. Stranger danger isn’t for kids alone, it can also apply to adults.

Contrary to what some people might say, it is not fear. Sometimes, it’s just plain smart to survive. There will be many other opportunities to play hero, like during cosplay when you can don that superhero costume or  when you play do or dare at a party.

Have you had any similar experiences? What were they?

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