Monthly Tee Club Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now but if it’s new tees you’re looking for then Monthly Tee Club might be worth checking out.

Taking your interests as a guideline as to what design you’ll receive, a mystery t-shirt is dispatched every month and lands on your doorstep for the cost of £9.99. Much like birthdays and Christmas, the content is a complete mystery until you pop open the box. Now, I hear you cry “but what if I don’t like what I find?”. No worries, this company will allow you to return the tee in the unworn, as new condition for a replacement of something more suitable – a service that many other companies don’t offer.

Having submitted my interests, I patiently waited for the Monthly Tee Club t-shirt to arrive. Arriving shortly after the 10th of the month, which is when the t-shirts are dispatched, the t-shirt was packaged in a brown, flat, pizza-style box. Opening it revealed a red, ladies fit t-shirt bearing this design…

On my list of interests, I never mentioned comic books or superheroes as I’m not a huge superhero fan – I do like a few but not enough to be classed as one. For instance, I don’t like the Avengers and all that Marvel stuff apart from Spiderman, Deadpool and maybe a couple of others. You could say I’m more of a DC fan (no, the “Bat” nickname doesn’t come from Batman before you ask), so fortunately this particularly design appealed to me, particularly because it made me laugh and I’m also an animal lover. Score! I mean, who wouldn’t love a design bearing the image of the slowest creature on Earth dressed in a The Flash onesie? On the off-chance I didn’t like the design, I could have returned it but fortunately it float my boat.

Aside from the design, the quality is something I always keep a sharp eye on, whether I buy a t-shirt in a shop or get it in a loot box such as this. I was pretty impressed by the thickness and softness of the jersey cotton used for Monthly Tee Club‘s apparel with the print having endured multiple warm washes now without cracking or peeling. Always a bonus! The t-shirt used in this particular case is a Gildan, ring spun, ladies fit tee and it’s both comfy to wear and feels substantial and more likely to last than something paper-thin.

As a service, Monthly Tee Club seems to have got things right. It’s reasonably priced with 1 t-shirt a month at £9.99 (delivery is within that price) with two other options to choose from (2 tees a month for £17.99, 4 for £29.99 – correct at time of writing). The designs are fresh and modern with the right amount of “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” of pop culture references and with plenty of humour to boot. To round things off, Monthly Tee Club donate clothing to those less fortunate for every tee dispatched so you could say your quest to fill your wardrobe with new designs is actually doing some good for the world.

With a reasonable subscription cost that can be cancelled at any time (you’re not bound into a contract), Monthly Tee Club certainly has its appeal. Based in Bolton, the company is small and passionate about their brand and their charitable campaign, and seem to care about their customer base by answering questions posted on social media and generally being helpful people.

If you’re looking for fresh, gaming or movie-inspired t-shirt designs that won’t break the bank, then Monthly Tee Club is certainly worth checking out.

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