jonesy nine lives on the nostromo

by Rory Lucey
Published by Titan Books
Available from Amazon

Ever wondered what Jonesy the cat got up to on the Nostromo in Ridley Scott’s Alien? As the owner of his own feisty ginger feline, author and illustrator Rory Lucey decided to explore just that in this book, JONESY: NINE LIVES ON THE NOSTROMO. Inspired by a question from his wife, after having convinced her to watch the sci-fi classic, regarding whether the cat survives, Rory Lucey decided to create an illustrated tale focusing on the movie from the cat’s perspective.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat or been around cats long enough will adore the cute illustrations that Rory has delivered, accurately depicting a cat’s nuances, from the way the felines move to their curiosity with objects around them. Blending a cat’s traits with the story of Alien, as we film fans know it, opens up some clever, comical scenes that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Whilst navigating the tale, I laughed out loud at the sketches of Jonesy finding somewhere to nest or even licking his bits, legs splayed in the air as if in a yoga position, right in the middle of a Xenomorph versus human battle sequence. There’s nothing like a cat’s impromptu grooming to bring everything back down to earth.

Presented in hardback with glossy illustrations on the covers, the 80 page¬†book is completely illustrated from start to finish without captions or speech bubbles, making it accessible to anyone regardless of the language you speak or read. A love of the film and a love of cats is all you need to get the most out of this splendid illustrated insight into the world of the Nostromo’s ginger moggy. Having wondered myself what Jonesy got up to between the scenes of observing Harry Dean Stanton versus the Xenomoph, and the finale, Rory Lucey’s book succinctly answers all those questions in an adorable way with plenty of in-jokes to boot.

JONESY: NINE LIVES ON THE NOSTROMO is a wonderful, humorous read for any cat-loving film fan.

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