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BREEDER (2020)

BREEDER (2020) Directed by Jens Dahl Danish Language with English Subtitles Available on Blu-Ray A ruthless, power-hungry scientist named Dr Isabel Ruben has invented a groundbreaking method to not only delay the onset of ageing […]



LLAMAGEDDON (2015) Directed by Howie Dewin After the sudden death of their grandparents, Melissa and Floyd move into their house to prepare it in order to be put on the market for it to be […]

HCF Reviews

Broil (2020)

BROIL Directed by Edward Drake It feels like a long time since I saw a traditional vampire story. Over the years it’s become increasingly common to treat them as romantic protagonists, rather than just threats, […]



Now Available on VOD West of Sunshine is an independent drama from Australia about deadbeat dads and children who aren’t getting the right sort of attention from their parents. The sort of thing that sadly […]