Severin Films Announce Documentary ENTER THE CLONES OF BRUCE To Screen At FrightFest 2023

Enter The Clones of Bruce

When the world’s most famous martial artist and screen icon Bruce Lee died in 1974, at just 32 years of age, he’d completed only four films. But within hours of his funeral, Hong Kong studios began producing hundreds of unauthorised biopics, sequels, prequels and spin-offs, finding a new legion of stars whose main skill was that they were Lee lookalikes. Over the next decade, ‘Bruceploitation’ would become a staple of global cinema.

Now Enter the Clones of Bruce in a cinematic story like no other, as director David Gregory – following his exploration of cinema’s most transgressive edges in award-winning documentaries Lost Soul and Blood & Flesh – shines a light on this uniquely ‘70s phenomenon with this fascinating film.

The documentary takes us on an all-action, entertaining journey that hears from those who lived it. There are eye-opening interviews with performers, producers, directors and distributors along with copious clips from the films revealing one of the most bizarre and little-known stories in movie history.

The legend of Bruce Lee lives on in Enter the Clones of Bruce, an enthralling, jaw-dropping, kick-ass story of martial arts mayhem and the many clones of a true master.

Severin Films’ documentary ENTER THE CLONES OF BRUCE will screen at FrightFest 2023 on Sunday 27th August at 4 pm – Discovery Screen 1.

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