JCVD returns in dark actioner DARKNESS OF MAN – Trailer here!


There was a time where JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME was the greatest actor in the world – no seriously – don’t laugh!  From Bloodsport to Kickboxer, all the way to his bout with Dolph in UNIVERSAL SOLIDER, every film release was a must watch for certain teens back in the early 90s, so even now, when a new film is announced, I’ll be watching, even though I admit the glory days have long gone.

DARKNESS OF MAN is to be released on Digital on May 21st and below is the synopsis and trailer:

“Russell Hatch (Jean Claude Van Damme) is a washed-up, former Interpol operative who vowed to protect the son of an informant killed years earlier in a raid gone wrong. When merciless street gangs start an all-out turf war and the kid is caught in the middle, Hatch will stop at nothing to keep him safe and fight anyone who gets in his way.”

The cast includes Kristanna Loken, Emerson Min, and Spencer Breslin with Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones and Shannen Doherty.

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