You’ll Never Find Me

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A claustrophobic, haunting horror from the land of Australia, that will leave a mark once the final credits roll….. 

The rain lashes down outside as the wind starts to show its power.  You sitting there peacefully, home alone, there is an scent of dread in the air, you don’t know why, but a storm is coming and then there is a knock on your door.  Who is it?  What do they want?  Answers are coming and it will leave many shaken with the outcome.

This confident directorial debut from Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen is there to be watched now on SHUDDER and while the slow burn my put off a few, those who like their horror deep with many layers to unravel, will defiantly be rewarded as the clock ticks down to its climatic reveal.  

It all starts with a sombre tone, Patrick (Brendon Rock) sits in his own peace, a RV parked away in some park, looking like a guy with the whole world on this shoulder when a knock on his door, reveals The Visitor  (Jordan Cowan), soaking wet from the weather and asking to come in.  Already for the viewer there is a sense that something is quite not right, either coming from the guy or the girl, a hidden motive or a secret that no one wants to share.  It provokes a two character piece that for a good hour comes across like a stand off between the two, much dialogue and a lot of guessing from the viewer in what direction this horror is going.

The storm outside playing much part of the grim feeling as the talk between these two at times becoming quite heavy but always unsettling.  Its hard to digest what actually happens here.  The visitor wants a lift to the nearest town, the guy wants to talk, there is a developing mistrust between all three in this piece – the guy, the girl and us watching, but we just can’t take our eyes from it all, the excellent acting carrying an air of dread and grimness.

Every horror veteran will probably have many theories to where this is heading, I myself had plenty, but as the tension builds with both characters questioning each other – the visitor’s story changing in how she ended up at his door and the lonely Paul, coming across like a guy who may have a history that suggests the woman may have knocked on the wrong door.  The swings in who to trust, is beautifully crafted and the use of colour is so skilfully done, each shade carrying a meaning that you can only be blown away by the fact that this is a first time film by those behind the camera, boding well for what may come next from them for us fans of this genre.

All horror staples are there in the mix, all blended together but the finale does not dare to venture down the same trodden path with an unforgettable reveal that leaves a haunting impression on all who have dared to stay the course.

Its a horror character piece – much like if you stood in that storm outside, that will leave you shaken and drained…..

Rating: ★★★★☆

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