Loop Track Bluray
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LOOP TRACK (2023) Written and Directed by Thomas Sainsbury Available on Limited Edition Blu-Ray from Arrow Video Attempting to escape problems back home, introverted Ian heads into one of New Zealand’s largest forests to embark […]


Founders Day

This is no Thanksgiving….. While Eli Roth’s popular recent box-office smash had a vicious streak of dark humour running though its horror veins, this slasher flick from the Bloomquist Brothers, while drawing comparisons, is a more straight to […]

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MALUM (2023)

Coming to UK streaming and Blu-ray 27th May 2024 While horror movie remakes are a dime a dozen it’s more unusual for a film-maker to revisit their own work. It could be argued, somewhat unsuccessfully, […]

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Dream Scenario (2023)

DREAM SCENARIO Directed by Kristoffer Borgli Nicolas Cage is the man of everyone’s dreams in this high-concept black comedy. Here, he plays Paul, an aging family man and professor who has long since lost his […]

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  A bogeyman in the shape of a smart house offers the gore in this “Demon Seed” variant for the modern generation….. Horror combined with modern technology has been a stable within the genre for […]

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Coming Soon to UK Streaming Abusive parents, bullies, con artists, and creepy drunks might not seem like the most appropriate subjects for a slasher-comedy hybrid, but writer and director Ken’ichi Ugana gives it his best […]

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PET SEMATARY: Bloodlines

  Stephen King’s classic story gets a prequel movie, that suggests the franchise, much like the dead on show….should have stayed buried….. Some horror movies, should never really become a franchise. When you have man […]

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My House

A Dad with secrets. A daughter determined to discover the truth! Intrigue awaits!…. Fresh from the memory of playing the evil Bren in the Irish masterpiece KIN, Francis Magee turns to portraying a Dad who at times can just […]

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Careful at what hatches…. Hanna Bergholm’s neat debut feature shows that even a simple story can bring the much needed terror in a tale that has won much critical acclaim not just in its own home […]

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It’s a Wonderful Knife

The much loved Frank Capra seasonal classic gets the horror comedy redo, with mixed results…. In an age where THE FINAL GIRLS is still a much loved slasher and the likes of HAPPY DEATH DAY and FREAKY has won the […]


DOGMAN (2023)

DOGMAN (2023) Written and Directed by Luc Besson Releasing on Blu-ray and digital platforms in the UK & Ireland from 11th March 2024 After being pulled over by the cops whilst driving a van load […]

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USA IN CINEMAS NOW RUNNING: 165 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera On the planet Arrakis, House Atreides has fallen due to a plot between the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, and is […]

V/H/S/ 85 Bluray
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V/H/S/85 (2023)

V/H/S/85 (2023) Available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital Hot on the tail of V/H/S/94, we’re taken back to the 80’s with more tales of terror in V/H/S/85. Encapsulating the look and feel of the 80’s, horror anthology […]

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Runtime: 101 mins Reviewed by Alasdair Yule **This review will contain spoilers** Underground. Set on Guernsey. We open with an outdoor police press conference regarding an ongoing police investigation into the events that took place […]


BAGHEAD [2023]

USA RUNNING TIME: 92 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera On digital platforms 5th April 2024 and DVD/Blu-ray 8th April 2024 Following the death of her estranged father, Iris learns that she’s inherited a run-down, centuries-old […]