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Hunt Her, Kill Her Bluray

Directed by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen
Available on Blu-Ray from 27th May 2024

Single mum Karen gets a job at an industrial workshop as a cleaner. After being shown the ropes by day shift cleaner Glenn, she settles into her night shift role where she’s the only employee left in the building. Except she’s not alone. Karen’s first shift may well turn out to be her last when the building is infiltrated by a group of masked men who’re intent on killing her.

HUNT HER, KILL HER is a cat-and-mouse horror thriller where a young woman must fight for survival by using her intellect and cunning in a workship labyrinth where she’s severely outnumbered.

Using her maze-like workplace to her advantage, Karen is forced to creep, crawl and hide as she evades the masked killers patrolling the floor of the warehouse. Her stealthily approach doesn’t always work out as planned though. With so many eyes and ears scanning the building that she’s rumbled more than once and is subjected to some horrifying and nasty abuse as a result.

It’s quite obvious who the masked intruders are and why they’re after Karen due to exposition scenes at the beginning of the film. There really couldn’t be any other motive so when push comes to shove in the latter end of the movie, there’s no shock whatsoever from the big reveal. It may be a surprise to Karen but not so much the audience. However, HUNT HER, KILL HER might well make you gasp in other ways, as it did me, with actress Natalie Terrazzino more than earning her paycheck throughout the movie. Yes, there may be some scenes where you have to suspend disbelief to injuries incurred or moments when Karen’s presence should have been spotted, but overall as a cat-and-mouse thriller, it works fine.

The setting of the industrial workshop is quite an inspired one and sets the film apart from the rest of the movies out there. It makes for a fascinating environment for Karen to be hunted in, and has its own obstacles to overcome whilst also offering a variety of places and spaces to hide. In a way, the setting is almost its own character in the film as we see the hunters and the hunted navigating their surroundings, and sometimes falling prey to the workshop itself.

HUNT HER, KILL HER is quite a straight-forward thriller with no twists or turns – just a woman in pure survival mode. Watch it with that in mind and you’ll likely be satisfied by what the film has to offer.

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆

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