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The Moor

  Atmospheric and dread, first-Time director Chris Cronin delivers one of the finest British horror film in years….. Its starts with a simple yet frightening set-piece. Its 1996 and the fore-boding score already weeps from the screen as […]

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Longlegs (2024)

LONGLEGS Directed by Oz Perkins At last, it’s here: following months of build-up and numerous claims that it’s among the scariest films of the decade, Oz Perkins’s fourth movie, Longlegs, has hit the cinema. And, […]

Loop Track Bluray
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LOOP TRACK (2023) Written and Directed by Thomas Sainsbury Available on Limited Edition Blu-Ray from Arrow Video Attempting to escape problems back home, introverted Ian heads into one of New Zealand’s largest forests to embark […]