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Doom Room (2019)

DOOM ROOM Directed by Jon Keeyes It’s interesting that, approximately six years after showing at festivals, Jon Keeyes’ stuck in a room flick Doom Room comes out the same month as Escape Room hits cinemas. […]


PHOBIA (2013)

PHOBIA (2013) Directed by Rory Douglas Abel After the death of his wife Jane, Jonathan MacKinlay develops agoraphobia, afraid that if he leaves his house, something bad will happen. After a year living in his […]

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VARSITY BLOOD: Out Now To Rent and Buy

What Is It All About? A bunch of stupid teens with a secret. Some handsome jocks, Some sexy Cheerleaders. An old Farmhouse.  A masked Killer……..its like the 80’s Slash boom…..never happened. The Trailer [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtWAc3lS7dg[/youtube] The […]

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SICK BOY (2012)

SICK BOY (2012) Writtena and directed by Tim T. Cunningham A young woman named Lucy is sick of her dental nurse job and quits, much to the annoyance of her fiance, Chris. With the couple […]