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SCREAM VI (2023)

  GHOSTFACE is back……again! And this time there is no Sydney Prescott to stop him…. So, onto Scream VI Yes, you read that right! Scream VI. By now a sixth film in a horror franchise […]

Studio 666

STUDIO 666 (2022)

STUDIO 666 (2022) Directed by BJ McDonnell For their tenth studio album, frontman Dave Grohl decides the Foo Fighters should record somewhere different and, with the help of their record label boss, discover the perfect […]

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X (2022)

X (2022) Directed by Ti West As the two guilty secrets of genre cinema, horror and pornography make for natural bedfellows – hence the lazy dismissal ‘torture porn’. So it makes sense Ti West’s latest […]

HCF Reviews

SCREAM (2022)

  “What’s your favorite Scary Movie” roars Ghostface for the fifth time of asking as a new masked fiend targets a new set of movie loving teenagers… Good or bad its like 1996 all over […]