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The Fanatic (2019)

THE FANATIC Directed by Fred Durst Well, it worked for Rob Zombie. You’ll presumably know director/ co-writer Fred Durst from his days with nu-metal outfit Limp Bizkit. Their juvenile humour, backwards baseball caps and shallow […]


I AM WRATH (2016)

I AM WRATH (2016) Directed by Chuck Russell Engineer Stanley and his wife Vivian are attacked in a parking garage which results in Vivian’s death. Distraught, Stanley strives for justice and helps the police to […]

HCF Reviews

BLOW OUT (1981)

BLOW OUT (1981) Written and directed by Brian De Palma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgWfyFgEsO8When sound recording engineer Jack Terry witnesses and captures the audio of a suspicious car crash one evening, leading to the death of the driver, […]