THE HORDE (2016)

Now Available on VOD Genre mashups are pretty standard in movies that involve a certain amount of horror clichés but they tend to be a mixture of comedy and violence. Horror and action is perhaps […]


The Lesson (2015)

Available now on Amazon Video After twenty years of teaching Mister Gale has reached the end of his tether. Maybe it’s the school itself or his choice of methods but for one reason or another […]


CLINGER (2015)

Available now on Amazon With an opening text about ‘first love’ accompanied by a sinister musical cue Clinger sets the tone for a typical boy meets girl high school drama, albeit one in which something […]

HCF Reviews


Available now on VOD What happens after the horror movie? Generally speaking there are a few big screen sequels and then it all goes straight to video before crashing entirely. But let’s consider the question […]



Available Now on DVD and VOD Backtrack is an Australian mystery movie, part psychological thriller and part horror story. Peter Bower (Adrien Brody) is a troubled man trying to get his back life (and his career […]


SPACE COP (2016)

Available on Blu-ray and from VHX now A genre melding mixture of comedy and horror or sci-fi is one of my favourite moods, whether it’s the old classics from someone like Peter Jackson, or newer […]