SECRET SANTA Directed by Adam Marcus Season’s beatings. The Xmas period has long since been a staple of our genre, with the contrast between Christmas and carnage being an immediately interesting one. Paradoxically there’s something […]

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The Fare (2018)

THE FARE Directed by D.C. Hamilton Awkward chats with the cab driver are a fixture of the Great British Nights Out: “what time did you start?” “What time do you end?” “You been busy?” “Could […]

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SNIPER CORPSE (2018) Written and Directed by Keith R. Robinson A woman goes in search for answers when her husband’s body and that of other soldiers who served in the army go missing. Writer and […]



HEAVY TRIP (2018) aka Hevi Reissu Directed by Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren Finnish Language with English Subtitles Available on Digital Platforms now Turo is the lead singer of Finnish black metal band Impaled Rektum […]



CHARLIE SAYS (2018) Directed by Mary Harron Set 3 years after the incarceration of Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwickel, following their involvement in the Manson murders, CHARLIE SAYS explores their time spent […]



LORDS OF CHAOS (2018) Directed by Jonas Åkerlund Teenager Øystein Aarseth, also known by the moniker, Euronymous, has big plans for his band Mayhem, the first true Norwegian black metal band. Needing a singer to […]

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Calibre (2018)

CALIBRE (2018) Directed by Mark Palmer The Scottish Highlands are beautiful but bleak. As much as the dynamic scenery is home to some breath-taking views, it’s also the sort of unforgiving terrain in which a […]

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The Odds (2018)

THE ODDS Directed by Bob Giordano What are you willing to lose for a million pounds? That’s the question asked by new indy horror The Odds, in which a young woman (Butler, as The Player) […]

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AKA Monster Party Available now on VOD and DVD Genre hopping movies that suddenly draw a dramatic line under the first forty-five minutes of a narrative aren’t often a thing for one reason or another, […]

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White Chamber (2018)

WHITE CHAMBER Directed by Paul Raschid Though horror can get frowned upon for being lowest common denominator, among the most interesting things about the genre is how well it provides a platform to comment on […]


303 SQUADRON (2018)

303 SQUADRON (2018) Directed by Denis Delic English Language and German & Polish Language with Subtitles Based on Dywizjon 303 (Squadron 303), the account of by Arkady Fiedler, 303 SQUADRON tells the story of the […]

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  REPLICAS (2018) Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff Scientist William Foster is on the verge of a biotech breakthrough. Working for a company called Bionyne, Foster and his team are attempting to transplant human consciousness into […]