Gonjiam Haunted Asylum
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GONJIAM: HAUNTED ASYLUM (2018) Korean Language with English Subtitles On  Limited Edition Blu-Ray and Standard Edition Blu-ray  from Second Sight Films Ha-joon, owner of online paranormal web series Horror Times, is looking to record the […]

Murder Me, Monster
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MURDER ME, MONSTER (2018) Written and Directed by Alejandro Fadel Spanish with English Subtitles On Blu-Ray from Anti-Worlds Releasing A rural police force in the Andes Mountains discover the body of a decapitated woman at […]

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KILLING (2018)

Available on demand and on Blu-ray from Third Window Films Welcome to the edge of the blade. And welcome back Tsukamoto fans. In some ways the culmination of what had come before, Killing includes further […]



THE PROFESSOR (2018) Written and Directed by Wayne Roberts Available on Amazon Prime and W4Free College professor Richard is diagnosed with inoperable stage four lung cancer. With six months to live, Richard decides to abandon […]

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Available to watch now on demand Stories about strange meteorites usually come in one or two flavours; the kind with cosmic horror or the schlock filled variety. Lorena Villarrea’s sci-fi drama on the other hand […]


RED ROVER (2018)

UK Release Date – TBC For some the potential of a mission to Mars is a pipe-dream or a diversion from problems here on planet Earth. For others it’s a prime example of the ambition […]

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The Lie (2018)

THE LIE Directed by Veena Sud Would you let your child away with murder? It’s an immediately exciting question that, with the right marketing, could sell a million airport thrillers. It’s also the ethical dilemma […]

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AUSTRALIA AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL, DVD and BLU-RAY RUNNING TIME: 136 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   1820’s Tasmania, Australia, when the British ruled. 21-year-old Irish convict Clare completes her seven-year sentence as an indentured servant […]

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HI-DEATH (2018)

UK Release Date – TBC I love to see a horror anthology, it’s one of my favourite things. Then again on the other hand I don’t like to see films that use mobile apps and […]

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THE FINAL WISH (2020) Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. Aaron Hammond, a struggling law graduate in Chicago, returns to his family home in the sticks after learning of his father’s death. Whilst attempting to sell […]

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The Dark Red (2018)

THE DARK RED Directed by Dan Bush If there’s been any subgenre that’s come to define the last few years in horror, ‘it could be magic or mental illness’ films aside, it’s ones about women […]