Terror Trap (2010)

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Sadly these days, whenever Michael Madsen turns up in a film it generally means it’s a bit pants and Terror Trap is no exception. Directed by Dan Garcia the film is about a dodgy motel on the outskirts of an even more dodgy country town which has an even dodgier cop who may not be a cop (this may or may not be a spoiler but it’s highly unlikely to spoil anything really!). The dodgy cop, played with some convincing sleaze by Jeff Fahey, uses his cop scanner to pick up people in trouble and take them to this dodgy motel. After a rather interesting opening credits which show promise, and then a scene of the cop forcing a drunk driving girl to go to the motel  with him things are looking good. Just what is going on at this motel?

A couple are driving along the country roads at night, crash into another car which in turn drives into them and leaves them stranded. Along comes dodgy cop and convinces the couple to take up his offer of a lift to the motel where, supposedly, we are lead to believe things will turn out bad. Messages are sent and big bald fat men start arriving, covered in tattoos they are a fearsome sight and it looks like they are going to begin preying on victims who are in the motel rooms. It all looks like its about to take a really nasty turn and even though the old torture-porn genre is dying, i did start to get somewhat excited at what this film may have to offer. Sadly the big nasty men seem to want to watch the TV and watch a stupid, pathetic shitty cat and mouse game with the couple.

It’s crap, the film barely warrants a fuckin PG certificate and it tries so hard to be nasty as things move on, what with silly tribal masks to manager’s locking the door to their office (heaven forbid) to silly shots of a CCTV camera which is all but blocked out by its ridiculously large clock. Everything mounts to a silly wannabe nasty film and once Michael Madsen comes into the film a bit more and does his best to be a horrible fucker, the film hits rock bottom. Actually, it hit rock bottom ten minutes in, but Madsen’s performance is painful to watch. Avoid like the plague!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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