American Horror Story Episode 6: “Piggy Piggy” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 6 “Piggy Piggy” kicks off in 1994 and we finally get the scene showing the shooter going mental with a shotgun in Westfield High School. The members of the future Dead Breakfast Club are all in the school library and overhear shots!! They, along with a school teacher, lock themselves in the library, although their efforts are short winded, with the shooter breaking in and seeks out everyone hiding in the library, and one by one, shoots them, including the teacher (who is only wounded) and the shooter is revealed to be Tate!!!! The SWAT team turns up at the house (at this point Constance is still living in the house) and finds Tate in what is now Violet’s bedroom! As he gets up with an evil grimace on his face, he pulls out a gun and the SWAT team shoot him down, killing him with numerous bullets! Sorta reminds you of the whole Columbine School incident which I thought was a bit risky!!! Very well played out though!

After her little chat with Constance and encountering the Dead Breakfast Club, Violet starts to do some investigations of her own into the shootings at Westfield High and finds out that Tate is in fact dead!!! She goes to see Constance who is having tea with a medium called Billie Dean and they both tell Violet that Tate doesn’t know that he’s dead. Constance set up the sessions with Ben in the hope that Tate would realise this so he could pass on peacefully,  however, Constance now wants to enlist Violet to help him move on even though she is totally freaked out!!

Ben is unfortunately still creeping around the house as well, saying that he needs to use the house for work as he can’t afford to work elsewhere, and Vivien reluctantly agrees. Ben has a new patient called Derek, convinced that the urban legend of “Piggy Man” is true!! Apparently if you speak “Here piggy piggy piggy” in the mirror repeatedly, in a true candyman style, a “piggy man” will appear and kill the person speaking the mantra.

The freakiest part of this episode is the help Vivien receives from Constance and Moira with her pregnancy, convincing her to eat foods that will help the baby develop such as sweetbreads and a whole brain!!!! I had to look away when she was eating that!!! Especially as Vivien appears to be enjoying it!!! What is more worrying is thatConstanceseems determined to make sure the baby is healthy – what exactly are they nurturing here????

Vivien also tries to contact the nurse who fainted during her ultrasound, only to find that she quit her job that day!!! She manages to track the nurse down in a church, and the nurse tells Vivien that she saw hooves and that she is carrying the antichrist!!!! Although the nurse acts totally barmyish, it adds further depth to what Vivien is actually carrying!!! Vivien flees, understandably!!

Back to the “piggy man” and Derek puts the advice from Ben into practice and speaks the “here piggy piggy piggy” words into his bathroom mirror!! However, there are two burglars in Derek’s house at that time and one hiding in his shower! The burglar explodes out of the shower and ironically kills Derek, believing that Derek was calling the burglar “piggy”!! A brilliant piece of satirical comedy!!!

Poor ole Violet is really suffering with coming to terms with the ghost issue as she talks with Tate in the basement. With it all getting too much, she tries to commit suicide in the bath tub, although Tate gets there in time and manages to stop her, with Violet tearfully collapsing into a heap. At various points in the last few episodes we have seen Violet self-harming, but appeared to have it under control!! Tate tells Violet that she loves him, and that he has noticed that she is different towards him, stating that he will leave her along from now on, but Violet embraces him.

Finally, through Constance’s friend and medium, Billie, Constance speaks toAdelaide, telling her that she was beautiful and that she loves her – a very moving scene. Adelaide sends a message back saying she loves her too and thanks Constance for not burying her at the house as she is afraid of Tate!!!!

The episode was good, but is getting more and more weirder and less sexual, with very little Moira (the young version) in this episode than any of the others. Makes you wonder if it is trying to move away from the sexual element and just be generally freaky and downright unsettling!!! Tate being the shooter at the school now also opens up more questions on why he doesn’t remember and the whole reason behind the shootings in the first place. Violet now aware of this, will she continue to embrace Tate and help Constance with helping him pass? Is she capable of doing this mentally? What will happen if and when Tate realises his past crimes? And finally, why was Adelaide so afraid of Tate? Feels like there is so much more to come. How, I don’t have a clue but looking forward to it nonetheless…….

By Kirsty Wavish

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