American Horror Story Episode 11 “Birth” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 11, “Birth” kicks off in 1984 with Nora looking after a very young Tate, protecting him from her dead son, known as the Infantata! She tells Tate that is he just closes his eyes and tells them to go away, they will leave! There is a definite formed bond between Tate and Nora as Tate tells her that he wished she was his mother!

Back to the present day and Tate realises that he can no longer give Vivien’s baby to Nora as it would mean telling Violet that he raped her mother! Nora decides to pursue taking the baby anyway!

Ben is getting ready to leave to pick up Vivien from the hospital to take her to the airport so she can get on her flight to Florida to stay with her sister. He tries to get Violet to come with him in the car but Ben obviously still doesn’t realise that Violet is a ghost and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to come with him! He manages to drag her into the car and drives off, little does he know that seconds later, Violet has reappeared in the house!! Ben gets to the hospital where the doctor warns both Vivien and Ben that even though she is only six months pregnant, she should not get on a flight as one of the twins is ready to be born any time now and the other twin is dying as the dominant twin is literally sucking the life out of it!

Back in the house, Violet and Tate come across Chad and Patrick in the nursery, preparing the room for the babies’ arrival, planning on taking the twins for themselves. Violet, displeased, contacts Constance for her help in trying to get rid of Chad and Patrick, and Constance pleads with Chad that he can have one of the babies but wants her grandson for herself! Chad’s eyes prick up as he learns that the father of the one of the babies is Tate, but decides that he and Patrick still want the two babies for themselves! Violet and Constance get Billie Dean, the medium involved, and Billie instantly realises that Violet is dead as they do a little telepathic conversation, Constance none the wiser and totally unaware that Violet is dead!!!

Billie tells Violet and Constance that there is the ability to banish spirits through burning one of their close possessions and reciting the word “Croatoan”!!!! They manage to get hold of Patrick’s ring after Tate provokes Patrick and Patrick attacks Tate, shouting that if it wasn’t for Tate killing him, he could have gotten away from Chad and could be getting on with his life!!! Chad overhears and looks totally heartbroken!!!!

Ben arrives at the house in the car with Vivien, and enters the house to get Vivien’s bags and Violet, leaving Vivien in the car! As he tries to leave again with Violet, Violet tells him the awful truth that she is dead after committing suicide, and is unable to leave the house, telling him to take Vivien as far away from the house as possible before she gives birth, as the house is planning on taking the babies away from them. Ben, thinking that Violet is on something, proceeds to drag her out of the house, at which point Vivien goes into labour in the car, Constance appears and takes her into the house against Vivien’s will!

Suddenly the electric goes off and the car is destroyed by the ghosts. Vivien has no other option other than to give birth in the house and the scene we have all been waiting for all series begins to play out, and it couldn’t have been more fantastic!!! Dr Charles Montgomery assists the delivery of the babies with the help of the two nurses that were killed in the house in 1968. Constance tells Ben that he has to accept the house’s help for the delivery of the babies and Ben starts to realise what is happening and that he is surrounded by ghosts!

Meanwhile, Violet goes down to the basement and burns Patrick’s ring and Chad’s watch and recites the word “Croatoan”!!!!Chad appears and takes the piss out of Violet, saying that the spell is a fake! Chad smashes up the cribs and when Violet asks him why he is doing it, he tells her that he has given up as he now knows that Patrick doesn’t love him any more! He then drops a bombshell by telling Violet that Tate murdered him and Patrick and that Tate also raped Vivien, with one of the babies being his!!! Oh dear!

In a very emotional scene, Ben stays by Vivien’s side as she gives birth, reminiscing to the day when Violet was born, and how happy they were together, apparent tears from Ben as well as he’s come to the realisation that Violet is dead. The first twin is born, the one fathered by Ben, and is a stillborn. Dr Montgomery hands the baby to Nora, and she fades into the darkness. As the second twin is born, Constance is there to collect and she too disappears with the baby. As she and Moira fuss over the baby, Hayden appears, demanding the child for herself!!!

Back to Vivien, and Dr Montgomery is unable to stop her bleeding. Violet appears by her side and says that she’s sorry but that she needs to let go so they can be together! Ben is unaware that his daughter is stood right next to him and pleads with Vivien to hang on, and promises that they can still be happy together! Vivien gives in to Violet and dies, leaving Ben alone and the scene ends with Ben and his dead wife, the ghosts have disappeared.

Violet has it out with Tate, telling him that she knows he’s a murderer and that he raped her mother!!!!! He begs for her forgiveness and that everything changed when he met her, but she can’t forgive him as he’s destroyed her family as Vivien is now dead and Ben all alone. She tells him that he needs to be punished for what he’s done and that she can never be with him. She then closes her eyes and tells him to “go away” and he disappears!! The ghost of Vivien then appears and tells Violet that she is proud of her for what she has just done!!

Wow, what an episode!! Although I have to say it felt like the finale and has left me wondering what will be shown in the real finale? It was a very emotional episode, and put the comedy to one side which was needed and fitted perfectly. The episode brought together all the characters performing to their usual high standard, with the strong focus on the Harmon’s, which has felt a little lacking in previous episodes. The birth scene was intriguing, although I was half expecting a mini devil to break free from Vivien’s belly, and even though I kind of knew what Vivien’s fate would be, I was expecting her death to be a little more garish. But all in all, a very emotional and beautiful ending as she chose to join her daughter. The finale awaits……….

By Kirsty Wavish

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