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Having just served a twenty-five-year prison term for murder (Samuel L. Jackson), is drawn into a dangerous new heist, with an ambitious plan to steal $8million dollars from feared underworld kingpin Xavier (Tom Wilkinson ). With the son of the man he killed out for revenge, he must use all the skills he learnt on the street to stay one step ahead of the game. In a world where nothing is as it seems, survival depends on betrayal… and trust is a luxury you cannot afford.


The Hughes Verdict!

There is nothing more eye catching than seeing the words “Vengeance is coming” and then underneath is the one cool muthafucker Samuel L Jackson and a title called Fury. I mean this film should have rocked from start to finish because this is a guy who does not take no messing. He is the man called Mr Cool….the guy who got rid of a plane full of snakes, who quoted some great shit in the role of Jules and also kicked Hans Gruber’s brother’s arse in Die Hard with a Vengeance. In other words you do not fuck with Samuel L Jackson, everyone loves him and in a week where he is seen in the role as Nick Fury in Avengers Assemble, its quite fitting that this film is called Fury even though it has nothing to do with that superhero universe.

Fury the film should be like the character of Nick, a brilliant cool hard mother who you just can’t take your eyes off, sadly though what we get is a film that insults more than entertains because it blatantly rips off better films and fails in an identity of its own.

We start with none other than a less impressive Carlito’s Way story of an ex con Foley (Jackson) who has spent the majority of his life in prison. His crime was murder, killing a close friend in a “its either me or him dilemma) that leads him to a lifetime behind bars full of regret and remorse. On release he bumps into the son of the man he killed going by the name of Ethan (Luke Kirby) who instead of wanting revenge, wants to recruit Foley because he believes he can become a great asset. Foley of course just wants to go straight but like all of these films there is always a catch and it goes by the name of Iris (Ruth Negga), a young girl who he witnesses getting attacked in a bar and being the good Samaritan, he comes to her rescue. Striking up a relationship with her in a friendship and then sexual, Foley keeps on bumping into Ethan who he continues to reject until we get to the “twist” that has left many foaming at the mouth because of it being so unexpected!

Sadly I sort of so it coming, simply because I thought of another film while the plot was playing out that made me get suspicious. I would not mention the title of that film here, because if I do then you know what is coming, but fans who have seen that outstanding piece of cinema which is considered one of the greatest movies of time, will be rightly pissed at the blatant steal Fury tries to pull off!

It was at that moment that the entire movie failed me and not once could I get invested into the character or the drama driven plot. The title itself and quote is very misleading because we do not once get the expected revenge from Foley that the film suggests will happen. The cynic in me suggests that the film which was called The Samaritian in America was changed to the title “Fury” to tie in with the Avengers tag and those expecting a crime thriller will be left solely disappointed.

A real slow pace makes this more drama than thrills and while Jackson is also worth a watch it is Tom Wilkinson who steals the show in a minor bad ass crime king role that makes you weep at the fact that he is not used more.

The biggest killer of this film is the “twist” because once revealed the story never recovers. To rip off such a landmark film is totally unbelievable and sort of wants me to recommend this film just for the rest of you to watch this and be stunned like I was. Then of course I remember just how bored I was watching this film and I realise that I really do not want you to waste your time like I did, but if you want to know the twist….drop me an email and I be more than happy to share……..just be warned….its sick…in a seen it all before fashion…..

                                                                                   Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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