Fringe Season 4 Episode 20 “Worlds Apart” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 20 “Worlds Apart” is back in real time again after the burst into the future in the previous episode. David Robert Jones has been up to his old tricks again by creating simultaneous earthquakes in both the prime and parallel universes, facilitated by a group of people who singularly place themselves strategically around the world, with the epicentre of the earthquakes being directly where they are standing. After the Fringe team are alerted, Walter believes that Jones is trying to bring about the destruction of the two universes by synchronizing them, resulting in total collapse.

Peter believes that the only way forward is to regrettably shut down the bridge connecting the two universes, as he believes that this is helping Jones to carry out his plans, but this would have devastating effects for the parallel universe, as the prime universe was currently healing the parallel universe through their connection. This idea is dismissed for the time being as they try to find a way of stopping the earthquakes.

Another set of earthquakes take place but this time, Nick Lane, who resides in the parallel universe, approaches Lincoln, telling him that he has experienced strange visions, but recounts the events of being at the epicentre of the earthquake. Lincoln calls Olivia, but Olivia instantly recognises Nick’s name from the cortexiphan trials, and instantly manages to identify the rest of the other people as the cortexiphan subjects. They realise that Jones has recruited them to use their abilities.

They bring the parallel Nick Lane over to the prime universe and, with the help of Walter’s equipment and a little LSD, hook Nick and Olivia’s minds up in an effort to try and connect with the prime version of Nick. Olivia manages to see into the prime Nick’s mind and with the help of Peter on the ground and Olivia describing what she’s seeing, manage to track prime Nick down and bring him in, although the earthquakes still continue elsewhere around the world.

Walter worries that is there are more earthquakes that it will cause both universes to collapse, although he tells Broyles that he’s surprised that it hasn’t happened already. Olivia softly interrogates prime Nick, who recognises her from the cortexiphan trials, and pleads with him to tell them the location of Jones, although Jones has brainwashed him that they are helping to cure the prime universe and that the two universes are at war. Olivia tries to tell Nick that Jones has lied to him and the others, and eventually, Lane tells her that he doesn’t know the location of Jones, but that they used to meet in a warehouse and agrees to take them there. As the team investigates the location, Lane remains in the car outside with another agent, and manages to use his cortexiphan abilities to escape. The team find nothing at the warehouse but they have the watch that prime Nick was wearing, showing a countdown to the next earthquake.

The team is left with no other option other than to shut down the bridge before the time runs out and a series of emotional goodbyes take place between the prime and parallel teams. One notably stands out between Walter and Walternate, as they start the process to shut the bridge down, and Walternate comforts Walter as he comes to terms with what is happening, Walter eluding that he will miss the team from the parallel universe, but also his worry that when the bridge shuts down, Peter may disappear as well. Lincoln also decides to go with the parallel team after Peter tells him that home is where the heart is, and Lincoln clearly has intentions with Fauxlivia.

As the bridge shuts down, the parallel team disappear along with part of the room, and Peter remains.

So, there you have it. The end of the two universes living amongst each other. I felt quite a sadness watching it all towards the end, and felt that the show had lost so many wonderful characters. But then, what other option did they face with Jones determination to destroy and destruct. I’m not sure where things go from here, and with a lack of indication that a parallel universe was in existence in the last episode which burst into the future, I doubt that the connection will be reaffirmed any time soon. I was also particularly sad to see the back of Lincoln, a wonderful character that really brought a great deal to the series.

The episode had a real emotional element to it, and it was really nice to see the two Olivia’s finally warm to each other and actually manage to pass on some compliments, particularly the prime Olivia.

One final thing I have to comment on is the absolute wonderful acting of John Noble who plays the two Walters. The difference between the two characters is phenomenal through the weakness, vulnerability and insanity of Walter, compared to the strong and very prominent Walternate! Pure genius and I really hope Noble gets the recognition he deserves.

By Kirsty Wavish

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