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Written and directed by Chris Sun

Four friends decide to camp in the Australian outback and visit an abandoned ranch called Charlie’s Farm, a place with a notorious history of killing and cannibalism at the hands of the Wilson family who’s only son Charlie disappeared after the murder of his parents by an angry mob. With Charlie Wilson missing for over 30 years and the farm a dilapidated mess, morbid thrill-seekers from across Australia are keen to stay overnight at the abandoned farm, but as the four friends are about to find out, Charlie never left…

For a long time, modern slasher movies have failed to impress me due to their often puzzling choice of hiding the gore for which the genre is famous for. When I watch a slasher film, I expect to see villains wielding weapons, slicing and dicing their victims and I expect to actually see it happen, not just the aftermath of the violent attack. It seems my prayers have been answered by Charlie’s Farm, who’s villian, a whopping 7ft tall former wrestler Nathan Jones as ‘retarded’ Charlie Wilson, isn’t shy about thrusting his chosen weapon into his helpless campers, chopping off heads and dismembering individuals. If blood and gore is what you want, that is certainly what you’ll get.

After a gruesome opening scene, the vast majority of the film focuses on the characters of the group and their eagerness to explore the farm in search of treasures and trinkets they can flog or keep as sick souvenirs of their stay at Charlie’s Farm. It’s only until the final third of the movie that all hell breaks loose when Charlie decides to make his presence known and get rid of the intruders trespassing on his family’s land. The murders are practically hit after hit with only a little breather between each one and, boy oh boy, are they brutal! Clearly writer/director Chris Sun wanted to give horror fans a treat with this movie and he certainly hasn’t pulled the punches on delivering a variety of kills that will make even the hardened horror freak squirm.

It’s always a great idea to include some recognisable names in your horror movie if you’re to draw in the fans at first glance and we have plenty here to get excited about. Rob Zombie regular Bill Moseley stars as John Wilson, the vile human being responsible for the rape and torture of the backpackers working on his farm in the 80’s. 30 years later, Natasha (Tara Reid), her boyfriend Jason (Dean Kirkright), her best friend Melanie (Allira Jacques) and Jason’s friend Mick ‘Donkey’ (Sam Coward) decide to see what the legend is all about. With Jason always wanting to stay at a haunted house, Donkey takes the opportunity to scare the girls with tales of the Wilson’s and what supposedly happened all those years ago. Despite these horrific stories, the group are keen to stay and explore at Charlie’s Farm… well, everyone except Natasha who just wants to heed the locals’ advice and get out the hell out of there.  Jason Voorhees himself, Kane Hodder, also makes a small appearance as Tony, a friend of Natasha who’s concerned about their planned visit to Charlie’s Farm.

Charlie’s Farm is an entertaining first entry in what could be the start of a slasher series. Whilst there is definitely room for expansion and improvement, especially in terms of tension, the film offers up plenty which slasher fans will enjoy, especially with its brilliant casting and with Tara Reid as the fantastic lead. Charlie’s Farm has its strengths and definitely plays to them, which is not a bad thing, but I’d love to see more time between the kills to let the fear sink in.

If bloody skull-crushing and jaw-ripping is your bag, then Charlie’s Farm is one gruesomely brutal movie you’ll wanna check out.

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

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