THE CALL UP (2016)

THE CALL UP (2016) Written and Directed by Charles Barker THE CALL UP is in UK cinemas from 20th May and on DVD & Digital 23rd May A group of elite gamers are invited to […]



TROPICAL VAMPIRE (2015) Directed by Marcelo Santiago Portuguese language with English subtitles Vampire Vlak is sick of his stale life under the rule of Limboman and the Limbo Corporation for whom he and his partner […]


Restoration (2016)

RESTORATION (2016) Directed by Zack Ward Maybe it’s my horror fandom that makes me so loathe to move out of the current squalor I call home. After all, if this genre’s taught us anything it’s […]


THE HORDE (2016)

Now Available on VOD Genre mashups are pretty standard in movies that involve a certain amount of horror clichés but they tend to be a mixture of comedy and violence. Horror and action is perhaps […]