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After being in da hood and outer space, the mad demented Leprechaun returns to a back to basics approach by copying the Halloween route by ignoring all the sequels and carrying on from where the Original left off…….Jennifer Aniston beware!

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The Verdict!

I have a confession to make.  I own the Leprechaun box-set.  Yes, they are daft and stupid, but for a guilty pleasure, they are do what is required on a wet Sunday afternoon when you just want to switch off some brain cells and feel in the desperate need to see a murderous Irish Leprechaun killing people in search for his pot of gold.

Much like the recent Halloween film, this new entry ignores every sequel since its 1993 original but while Michael Myers fanatics were upset that the likes of Jamie Lloyd was wiped from existence, there won’t be many tears shed that from now, the Leprechaun’s trip into space never happened and his encounter with the likes of Ice-T and Postmaster P, in the ghastly “in the Hood” films are nothing but a bad dream, but then even those films were not as bad as the 2014 offering “Origins” that is still one of the worst movies I’ve ever had to review for HCF.

Thankfully, Leprechaun Returns is a return to form that made the original such a guilty pleasure.  Now if you hated the first film and thought it was dumb, stupid and downright silly, then re-watch Hereditary and don’t even bother with this,  but if you’re a slash fan that just want’s to remember how this genre can be so idiotic and yet enjoyable, then trust me, you will get a lot of fun from this unexpected delight.  With horror gone all serious at the moment, its a gentle reminder that at times, all we need is a few campy death scenes that hark back to the glory days of the 80’s.

The plot is simple.  As a recap for those who have forgotten how the original ended and spoiler alert, but hey its been 26 years, Jennifer Aniston (yes, no matter how much you try Rachel, everyone knows you starred in it) and Ozzie (Mark Holton) fought off the Leprechaun in which he ended up down a water well and he’s been down there ever since.  It just happens that a bunch of teens led by Aniston’s character’s daughter Lila (Taylor Spreitler) have arrived to build a Sorority House virtually next to the well and with the returning Ozzie, they somehow awake the Leprechaun from his slumber.

How the little guy returns is a truly gruesome moment that will thrill gore fans even though it makes no sense whatsoever and the film doesn’t even bother explaining how, but this is an entry whose blueprint is born out of the Friday 13th sequels and that is why some fans will get a huge kick out of it, because lets me honest, we never questioned how Jason could return so many times.

While Hellraiser as struggled with its Pinhead since Doug Bradley left the role, the absence of Warwick Davis is off course a huge shame, but to be fair on newcomer Linden Porco, he channels Davis to really good effect and after a while, the trademark one-liners, the evil laugh, you forget this is a new guy on screen and eventually totally accept him in the role.

Fresh from the success of The Void, Steven Kostanski, is a man to look out for in the horror world.  He totally understands the genre and having been handed such a daft concept of a murderous Leprechaun, he does the right thing and fills the film with enough humour and bloodshed to make the watch totally enjoyable.  Yes, the acting is wobbly at times, but for a film made on the cheap, it looks fantastic and to be honest, its just B-Movie fun, with an added Aniston impression that brought a smile to my face.

Writer Suzanne Keilly, fresh from Ash Vs Evil Dead, also adds an Army Of Darkness gag that just shows what market this film is aimed for.

My only gripe is perhaps its more of a remake of the original than a sequel that moves the story along and yes it has plenty of flaws in which I could write a further three paragraphs on, but I am going to honest, the Leprechaun may be out there looking for his gold, but he struck rich with a sequel that had no right being as daft and enjoyable as it is…..a lucky charm of an entry that makes me hope a follow up will come in the near future…….but please…..keep away from the stars……..


Rating: ★★★☆☆



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