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Finally getting a UK release on May 25th, I See You is a twist heavy horror/noir that when finally released, deserves your immediate attention. Just don’t watch the trailer…..

I See You came to my horror senses, early last year, when word of mouth started to spread around the horror community that this was a film just waiting to be discovered.

When this happens, its usually a good sign as the genre is awash with amazing films that missed out on a huge cinema release that became cult flicks, thanks to fans who are demanding your attention to watch when released.

Session 9MaleVolenceThe Torment and many more have all benefited from eager fans spreading the word and its one of the reasons why this website was created, so if one reader will seek out an unknown film of great quality, then we have set out to achieve what we wanted.

Having played during the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2019, I have waited patiently for the film to hit the UK and now its finally set to hit in a mere 20 days time, now is the time to talk about I See You and to tell you if the word of mouth on this occasion was justified!

First of all, if you haven’t even heard of this film and like myself when this happens, automatically want to seek out the trailer, then please don’t. I usually post one with most of my reviews, but like many good films with a great mystery, the less you know about I See You, the better! While the trailer itself is not as spoiler heavy like others before, it still contains some moments that may have you trying to guess what is going to happen, So please try to refrain from the temptation,

One of the funniest scenes in the UK Comedy The It Crowd (which also has a cult fan base in America), is the episode where Roy and Moss sit down to watch the new Quentin Tarantino flick and Roy’s friend, phones and tells him that there is a huge twist at the end, which leads Roy to have a massive rant about “how knowing there is a twist spoils the film” in which every movie fan can relate to.

The beauty of I See You is that while you sense from the off that there is going to be twists aplenty, the way the plot is played out will have many of you in shock, because make no mistake its beautifully staged by director Adam Randall, who draws out each twist in unexpected ways!

We start with a young boy riding through the forest on his bike, happy and smiley, until in a slow motion effect, is swooped up into the air…..are we witnessing an Alien Abduction? Is this nothing more than a Stranger Things rip off?

Its the last thing veteran Detective Greg Harper (Jon Teeney) needs, as he is not only haunted by strange abductions over 15 years ago in which no one was caught, but has also recently discovered that his wife Jackie (Helen Hunt) was having an affair.

Things get more eerily for the family as for unknown reasons, the TV starts to flicker onto News Stories about the missing young boy? With strange things happening around the house, unexplained noises, a drawer full of cutlery going missing, you’ll be forgiven for thinking we have moved away from Aliens to Ghosts, until a sudden reveal half way through, flips your expectations.

Honestly, I doubt I will see another film in 2020 that has such an audacious twist that all I could do is sit there in awe and applaud on what I was witnessing. Its when we get to revisit key scenes from the opening half, with the film having the gall to tip toe into what seems the Found Footage genre, that we begin to get a grasp at the developing plot. Huge kudos to first-time screenwriter Devon Graye who has come up with such a bold plot that even writing this, makes me want to re-watch!

But the twists and turns don’t just end there, because has soon as we manage to get our breath back, the film offers another shock which leads us into a finale that all ends a little too neatly, but with one final twist still to be played, by the time the final credits roll you’ll be shaking your head at what just happened!

Yes I am purposely being vague, but I See You will only work if you go in without any prior knowledge of what is to come. Its beautifully filmed in such a menacing tone, with a brooding score carrying each frame, that while the lack of any gore may put off the hardcore, there will be many who will be simply seduced at that outstanding midway twist, that rockets your expectations and proves that the word of mouth from last year is very much deserved!

Spread the word, I See You is one of the best horror discoveries of 2020!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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