THE DON IS DEAD (1973) Directed by Richard Fleischer Available on Blu-Ray When his father dies, Frank Regalbuto looks set to take over as Don of the Regalbuto family. However, due to his youth and […]

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[REC] (2007)

[REC] (2007) Directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza Spanish language with English subtitles [REC] is out now on Arrow Video Blu-Ray and available to stream on ARROW TV reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman […]


Spree (2020)

The internet gives way to many self contained worlds. All too easy to be sucked in, and many, including myself, are now born into it. Living around it, you can get stuck in a little […]



CHINA AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL AND BLU-RAY , from CINE ASIA RUNNING TIME: 108 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   In London, Maasym, leader of the terrorist organisation Brothers of Vengeance, forces a contract on accountant […]


SEIZED (2020)

SEIZED (2020) Directed by Isaac Florentine Out now on DVD and Digital A father is forced back into the world he left behind when his son is kidnapped. Ordered to wipe out three cartel heads, […]