“What if I told you…… the examples of the Mandela Effect in Movies!


The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that no doubt nearly every one of you has experienced in your lifetime.  Its one of the most weirdest and yet fascinating things that can happen to you, that usually occurs in an argument when discussing a topic (in this case a film) and you are so convinced that you right, that when you are shown that you are totally wrong, your mind can not accept it, as you have a memory, buried deep that convinces you otherwise.

Anyone can be wrong, even though they think they are right, but this is not just a rambling of a stubborn person, the Mandela Effect goes deeper than that.  Its a strange occurrence that baffles and frustrates you so much, simply because you have a memory of something that is so different.

This phenomenon didn’t come into the public eye until way back in 2010 and is named after Nelson Mandela who died way back in the 1980’s.  OK for many of you, that is wrong.  Mandela didn’t actually die until 2013, but there are thousands of people out there that have this memory of seeing images of the funeral of Mandela on TV, 20 years before he actually did and it was such a huge amount that Paranormal consultant Fiona Broome  coined the phase The Mandela Effect which as led to many more examples of people remembering things that never occurred.

While there are many that simply baffle you, with one of the most famous being the popular children’s book The Berenstain Bears being spelt with an “E” and called “Berenstein” and not with the “A” that as shocked many when realised, here I will look at this weird effect in movies and I promise you, some with utterly baffle you.  So what is it?  A Time Traveller changing things?  Alternative Universes collided together? Or is it simply a “False memory” aka “Confabulation”, where our conscience  creates and fabricates events that never happened.

Either way, these movie events will shock a few of you as they never really happened…..or did they?


No. 1   The Matrix’s most iconic line never happened.


One of the most eeriest examples of The Mandela Effect comes in the Sci-Fi classic The Matrix.  Now we all remember the scene where Neo sits down with Morpheus, just before he decides which pill to take, Red or Blue.  Its here that we finally understand what the Matrix is and where the film is heading and its such an iconic moment, that memes have been created and everyone remembers the cool moment where Morpheus starts his talk by saying “What if I told you…..”.  But what if I told you that Morpheus never utters those exact words.  Re-watch the film again and not once does this ever get mentioned and yet there are millions of fans out there who would argue that he does.  Its one of the best examples of this Phenomenon and there are more to come.

No.2 The Karate Kid’s different headband.

This one is good one.  The Karate Kid was one of the most popular films way back in the 1980’s and when a TV Spin off was released last year, fans were so excited to see Daniel san, return once more.  What they weren’t happy with was the gaffe that showed Daniel with his old headband now being black and white when it was clearly red and white in the films.  But it actually weren’t.  The head gear as always been this colour, so why (and me included) have a memory of something so different?

N0.3 When Hannibal met Clarice

Many of you have quoted it, even films have referenced it, but the moment when Hannibal meets Clarice for the first time and utters the words “Hello Clarice” never happened at all.  What Hannibal says to her is “Good Morning”, so how do millions remember this iconic line that never took place?

N0.4  Who the heck is Stripe?


Another 80’s classic that baffles some fans who re-watch for the first time in a long time.  We all remember Gizmo and many of the classic scenes from one of the best movies ever made, but when its comes to the baddest Gremlin of all, our memory is not so good.  You see, there are loads out there who call him Spike, where in reality the creatures name is actually Stripe.  A surprise for many who can’t believe that they’ve had it so wrong.

N0.5  When Jaws fell in love….



This is one of the most famous examples of The Mandela Effect, that as led to forums and debates over the past few years.  Its all about that moment in Moonraker, the dumb Roger Moore space outing for his James Bond that tried to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon that didn’t quite work.  Its the moment when Jaws falls in love with Dolly, he smiles and displays his metal teeth, in which she smiles back and shows her braces.  But the reality is, she never did have braces.  So where did this memory come from?  When quizzed about this, 47% of Bond fans believed that Dolly did have braces and the idea is not helped by some official websites that state she does in fact wear them.  Its one of the most weirdest discussions between fans which many still believe to this day that the film has been altered from what they remember.

N0.6  The not so golden robot 

While kids of this generation are so obsessed with the likes of Fortnite, if you are a certain age, then the only thing you played with was a Star Wars figure.  I had a few, even though my mother never bought me a Millennium Falcon (I’ve never forgiven her, or Santa) and I remember one exciting story I made up was when c3P0 was getting beaten up by Batman and Luke came to his rescue.  Yes Batman was in my Star Wars story and while that sounds unbelievable to mix up my action figures, nothing is more shocking to realise that C3P0 always had a silver leg.  What?????????  How??  No? No? No?  But he did, even though my action figure quite clearly didn’t.  It may be too late to ask for a refund now but even I can’t believe, re-watching Star Wars these days and noticing the odd occurrence.  Surely this was never the case?

N0.7  and sticking with Star Wars…..


Another shock to the system is when you realise that the famous line in Star Wars “May the force be with you…” is never actually uttered by Obi Wan Kenobi.  It is in fact Han Solo who says those words, so why do I and millions more remember differently.  Also the famous line “Luke, I am your father” is not exactly what Darth says to his stunned offspring.  What he actually says is ““No, I am your father.”, despite many fans thinking otherwise.

No.8  The most confusing TV Title change….


Much like the Moonraker one, this bit of information as caused a bit of a debate over the years, with many believing that the title of the TV Show itself as been changed.  It hasn’t but the sexual adventures of  Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda may have a massive fan base and the show has grown into cult classic, but nearly every fan remembers the show being called Sex in the City, when its actually called Sex and the City.  Even though I have never seen a single episode, even I would say that I have heard it being called the title it never had.  Weird.

N0.9  Forrest Gump and those damn chocolates.

Its weird how when Forrest Gump sat on that bench with those box of chocolates, that it became such a famous scene and his speech has been etched into the minds of moviegoers forever.  Trouble is, the Mandela Effect comes into full effect here when many believe he says “Life is like a box of Chocolates” and even by reading that, you can hear his voice in your head.  But wait, while he does sit there and rolls out that speech, what he actually says is “Life WAS like a box of chocolates” which doesn’t really make any sense and also confuses us for what we actually do remember when we watched the film for the first time.

N0.10  When Sinbad played a genie.


One of the most earliest examples of The Mandela Effect concerns this 1996 film “Kazaam,” starring basketball played Shaquille O’Neal as a genie who helps a young boy find his father.  You’ve probably never heard of it, but its become famous because people argue that a film of this kind was already released and starred comedian Sinbad and called ““Shazaam”.  There are many people who insist that they have seen this film and it must be out there somewhere which even led to the actor himself denying that he ever starred in this movie.  Its a weird thing because the support of a movie that never existed is so strong, even to this day.

Some other brief examples.

The famous “Beem me up Scotty” line was never uttered in Star Trek

Many still believe that the film Interview with the Vampire is called Interview with a Vampire

The “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” from Snow White is actually “Magic Mirror on the wall

Everyone remembers Curious George, but most believe the monkey had a tail, when in fact he never did.

But I’ll leave you with this one, which is a shock for many and me included and its about Rich Uncle Pennybags who is the mascot of the world famous Monopoly game.  Take a look at the image below.

Which one is the famous image that is etched in your memory?

If you say the first one, then well done.  Its what most people pick, myself included, but the fact is, Uncle Pennybags never had an eye monocle so its the 2nd image which is the correct one.

The Mandela effect really is a crazy and yet surreal experience.

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  1. I recall a few years back talking to UK Horror Scene’s Andy and Grimmfest’s Steve regarding the Jesus Wept scene at end of Hellraiser and convinced it was slightly longer or different to the one that was shown. But it wasn’t. If I remember correctly, I think they agreed with my false Mandela memory. It’s a strange phenomenon.

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